Corona Virus: A Time Bomb Wandering the Middle East

Corona Virus: A Time Bomb Wandering the Middle East

Corona Virus: A Time Bomb Wandering the Middle EastPublicNews18: The Corona virus is slowly gaining its foothold in the Middle East, with disastrous consequences on the human and political levels in the region.

Western-based healthcare systems now seem to be suffering. In the Middle East, the healthcare system is facing the same problems as the health system in Europe and the United States.

The Corona Virus pandemic has stunned Iran, and the number of casualties is on the rise, though many experts still do not trust the statistics of the Corona casualties in Iran.

The Middle East has some of its own specific problems that can exacerbate the outbreak. Religion is much more involved in the lives of people in this region and that is probably the reason why societies where religious influence is high they have difficulty adapting themselves to the situation.

For example, in Israel, Hardy, a conservative Jewish sect, hesitated to follow the Corona virus prevention directive, and for this reason the number of people killed by the Corona virus is much higher than other classes.

Similarly, Shiite pilgrims from Iraq and Syria who have returned to Iran after pilgrimages to Iran have found the Corona virus. It shows that such shrubs can cause corona virus outbreaks.

The Middle East is facing an economic crisis besides the Corona crisis. The war on oil prices in Saudi Arabia and Russia has led to the fall in oil prices in the global market, which is worsening the region’s economy..

Most Middle Eastern governments do not have the resources to support the pressing industries. But above all, there are wars that are being fought in the region, which has forced a large number of people to leave their homes and seek refuge in camps, where the situation can be very grim. Syria, Libya and Yemen have turned into failed states and have limited resources and the health system is in disarray. Government forces and their allies continue to target health facilities in Syrian rebel-held areas..



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