Corona Virus: Unique and creative ways to lock down the world

Corona Virus: Unique and creative ways to lock down the world


Corona Virus: Unique and creative ways to lock down the worldPublic News18: We have taken a look at some of the extraordinary measures taken in some countries to combat quotidian 19.

The Serbian government allowed an hour from 8am to 9pm for a “dog walk” during lockdown, but was later terminated

Countries around the world are taking unprecedented steps to curb the spread of the Corona virus, some of which have been subject to tougher sanctions and in some countries, while some countries have taken more creative steps.

There have been over 1000 confirmed cases of the Corona virus in Central America so far, and it has been announced that people will be gender-segregated to prevent the spread of the Corona virus.

From Wednesday, men and women will be able to leave their homes for only two hours at a time, and this will happen on different days.

In some areas of Colombia, people are allowed to exit based on the last digit of their national ID card number.

For example in Barrancabermeja, people with zero, 7 or 4 digits at the end of their ID card number may leave their home on Monday, while those with ID numbers ending 1, 8 Or the Indians of 5 can come out of the house on Tuesday.

A similar approach is being proposed in nearby Bolivia.

Belarus’s President Alexander Lukashenko’s reaction to the Corona virus outbreak has left many people wondering.

He mocked the suggestion that his country needed to take steps to prevent the spread of the Corona virus, saying they did not see the virus flying.

Speaking to a TV reporter during an ice hockey match, he also claimed that the participants in the match were fine because the cold in the stadium would not spread the virus.

There is no evidence that this can happen and the corona virus cannot be seen with a human eye. Unlike many European countries, Belarus has not banned sporting events.

Alexander Lukashenko says ‘There are no viruses.’ You haven’t seen them flying around, have you seen them? I can’t even see them. It’s a refrigerator. The game, especially the snow, this fridge over here, it’s the best anti-viral.

‘ The president of Belarus has also been seen drinking alcohol and regularly drinking gold


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