Government announces to bring back thousands of Pakistanis trapped abroad

Government announces to bring back thousands of Pakistanis trapped abroad

 Government announces to bring back thousands of Pakistanis trapped abroadPublicNews18: Nearly 2,000 passengers will come to Pakistan under the constitution; 17 flights will be flown via PIA from April 3 to 11.

Islamabad (Publicnews18 Latest News-01 April 2020) Government announces to bring thousands of Pakistanis trapped abroad to return home, says Yousuf There will be 17 flights via According to details, Prime Minister Adviser Khas Maid Yusuf has announced that the foreigners will be able to bring the trapped Pakistanis back to the country in the next few days.

At a press conference accompanied by federal ministers on Wednesday, Moeed Yusuf said that around 2,000 passengers would come to Pakistan under the community.

The PIA will fly 17 flights from April 3 to 11 in this regard. Special flights to Turkey, Baku, Kuala Lumpur, UK, Canada..

In this regard, Federal Minister Asad Omar said that even in Karachi some time later, he would take a decision to restore the project. Arrangements have been made to send passengers to Islamabad from overseas to other areas of the city.

All passengers of the flight will be tested at Quarantine at the airport, and will not be discouraged. On April 4, a flight from overseas will arrive in Islamabad, but not all flights will be resumed simultaneously. However, restrictions on domestic flights will continue until April 14.

Federal Minister for Assad Omar said that the current situation would be continued today from 1st to 14th of April. Before the 14th April, the NCC will decide whether to reduce or increase sanctions.

The services and innovations that make the product a must have will remain open. It is very important to open up the food items, pharmaceutical industries in its entirety.

There will be no closure on Goods Transport, there are half complaints. The Federal Minister has said that all parties have assured that the implementation of the NCC decision will ensure implementation. As many states have consensus-effective relationships,

they will respond in good ways. Corona virus outbreaks have been reduced due to closures. Cocoon cases were more frequent if not applied, however no further restrictions were needed.

In this regard, Dr Zafar Mirza, co-counsel for health at the press conference, said that if the sanctions were taken, the situation could improve. More than 8 million cases are reported worldwide. The number of confirmed cases in Pakistan is 2039.

Corona has increased 178 cases in the last 24 hours. The total number of fully recuperated individuals is 82, with 82 fully recovered.


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