PIA got permission to resume flight operations

PIA got permission to resume flight operations

Public News18: Flight operations will be partially restored, allowed by the Prime Minister, but domestic flights of all types will be canceled until April 11.

Islamabad (Publicnews18 Latest News-01 Apr 2020) PIA gets permission to resume flight operation, flight operation will be partially restored, permission given by Prime Minister, however domestic flights of all kinds Closed until 11 April.

According to aviation division, flights from Islamabad to Gilgit and Skardu will continue to operate on a regular basis, while cargo, special planes will also be exempted from the ban..

On the other hand, Prime Minister’s Advisory Khas Maid Yusuf has announced that in the next few days, the foreigners will bring the trapped Pakistanis back to the country.

At a press conference accompanied by federal ministers on Wednesday, Moeed Yousaf said that around 2,000 passengers will come to Pakistan under the community.

The PIA will fly 17 flights from April 3 to 11 in this regard

Special flights to Turkey, Baku, Kuala Lumpur, UK, Canada. In this regard, Federal Minister Asad Omar said that even in Karachi some time later, he would take a decision to restore the project. Arrangements have been made to send passengers to Islamabad from overseas to other areas of the city. All passengers of the flight will be tested at Quarantine at the airport, and will not be discouraged.

On April 4, a flight from overseas will arrive in Islamabad, but not all flights will be resumed simultaneously. However, restrictions on domestic flights will continue until April 14.


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