AmanUllah: Emotional Tweet by Indian artist Kapil Sharma

AmanUllah: Emotional Tweet by Indian artist Kapil Sharma

AmanUllah: Emotional Tweet by Indian artist Kapil SharmaPublicNews18: Indian artist Kapil Sharma has paid tribute to Indian artist Kapil Sharma over the death of renowned comedian Amanullah,

who has spread a smile on thousands of faces. Kapil described him as a great artist as well as a great man.

Kapil Sharma wrote in his tweet that ‘he was not only a great artist, he was a remarkable person with a big heart who gave many artists the opportunity to fulfill their dreams. No one can ever replace you, Khan. We will continue to miss you. May your soul be satisfied.

Pakistani comedian Amanullah has also participated in the comedy show ‘Great Indian Lifter Challenge’, which has been popular on Indian television in the past and has trained several artists to advance in the field of comedy.

Like Kapil Sharma, Indian comedy artist and director Chandan Prabhakar has written, ‘Sorry, I forgot that laughter is crying too.

Amanullah had been suffering from kidney and lung diseases for a long time and was undergoing treatment at a private hospital in Lahore. In a career spanning more than four decades, Amanullah made his fans laugh. In the Lahore theater ‘One Man Comedy’, his show is said to be the pivotal moment of his career which has given him tremendous fame. In it they used to imitate the big figures.

Pakistani comedian Naseem Wiki, who has participated in several stage shows with Amanullah and himself worked in India, said that Amanullah was the ‘crowning king of comedy theater’ and it was very easy for the audience to laugh. Vicky says ‘they may never be short’

Amanullah’s experiences and observations were so rich that he could not attend one of our programs. So we invited her to the Youth Program several times and provided an opportunity for our audience to be entertained.

The boy, Amanullah, had reached the stage of al-Hamra for the next three years, through radio waves, and together with his co-star Alba, produced a strong pair of comedians.

In the meantime I had also moved from radio to television and had become a drama producer from PTV Lahore.

I noticed that there was a profound prejudice against the stage actors in television. It was common among TV producers that people on stage did not remember the lines of the script and started expressing their indecent phrases in comedy scenes.

One day I mentioned to Amanullah that I want to get you into a TV drama but you have to remember the script. Amanullah agreed but offered a condition that I should cast Albela along with me.


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