Corona: The virus that broke Bollywood waistline

Corona: The virus that broke Bollywood's waistline

 Corona: The virus that broke Bollywood's waistlinePublicNews18: Last year, 2019 was a year in which Bollywood made an extraordinary amount of money.

Last year, 2019 was a year in which Bollywood made an extraordinary amount of money. It was the first time a record 17 films were added to the 100 million club in one year, but the Corona virus, which comes out later this year, is expected to cause huge damage to the industry.

When the year began, Bollywood’s enthusiasm was palpable. It was hoped that Hindi cinema would earn more this year than last year. But in the first half of this year, Bollywood started to appear in the dark.

In fact, 40 films have been released in the first two months of 2020 but only one of them has got the medal of being a hit film with a business worth Rs 280 crore.

In this cold market of films, Bollywood was hoping that the box office would get some success in March 2020, but in the last few days, the global outbreak of Corona virus started to spread in India.

No one in Bollywood had any idea that this virus would cause such a problem and would have to suffer such a huge loss.

People in the fear of the Corona virus had already cut theaters. But now the shooting of films has also been stopped and cinema houses have been closed in different parts of the country.

So far, theaters have been announced in Mumbai and Pune along with Jammu, Kashmir, Kerala, Delhi, Karnataka, Odisha, Bihar, Haryana, Punjab, Assam, Telangana, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Arunachal Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh. The move will likely take place in more cities soon.

As the Corona virus reached the United States affecting China, for example, other major film markets in the world, it seemed that the virus would severely break China’s waistline as well.

China has emerged as the biggest Bollywood movie market in the last few years with Hollywood. In the last few years, Indian films have gained extraordinary popularity in China.

Aamir Khan’s film ‘Dangal’ has done business in India for about Rs 387 crore. While in Overseas Bazaar only in China, Dangal has done a business of around Rs 1200 crore and surprised everyone.

Likewise, Aamir Khan’s ‘Secret Super Star’, which had a difficult business of Rs 80 crore in the country, recorded a film collection of Rs 190 crore in China in just four days. The film later set a new example of success in China, earning a total of Rs 760 million.

Films like ‘Secret Super Star’, ‘Dangal’ and ‘Bajrangi Bhai Jan’ have made more in India than in China. This era came to be called a new and golden era for Indian films in China.


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