Corona Virus: Has the United States Approved Chloro quine to Treat Covid-19?

Corona Virus: Has the United States Approved Chloro quine to Treat Covid-19?

Corona Virus: Has the United States Approved Chloro quine to Treat Covid-19?PublicNews18: US President Donald Trump claims that the US has approved a drug used against malaria to treat the new Corona virus, Covid 19.

Chloroquine is the oldest, most popular and effective drug for the treatment of malaria.

In this report we will try to find out if President Trump is right and how effective is this medicine for Corona’s treatment? Chloroquine has been used for the treatment of malaria for decades.

But in many parts of the continent, the drug is no longer prescribed, and the reason is that the microbes that spread malaria in these specific areas of Africa have increased their ability to defend against the drug.

On the other hand, there are many countries that have introduced regulations to curb the use of this drug, but even today in countries where the pharmaceutical industry is ruled by the private sector,

this drug is not only recommended but also Also sold on a large scale. Following President Trump’s recent statement, the demand for chloro quine in Nigeria has risen to such an extent that according to some media reports, the country is now facing a shortage of drugs.

President Trump claimed during a weekly press briefing that the United States’ Food and Drug Administration had approved chloroquine as an effective drug to treat the coronary virus.

“We’ll be able to do that very soon and the (Corona virus) drug will be available soon. And this is the area in which the Food and Drug Administration is very good. They have completed the (drug) approval process,

This (medicine) has been approved. ‘ It should be noted that chloroquine has been approved for the treatment of malaria and arthritis, and the US Food and Drug Administration has stated that it has not been approved for the treatment of the Covid 19 Corona virus.

The company added that “there is currently no FDA-approved drug that can be used to treat or prevent Covad-19.” However, the FDA did not disclose whether any research is underway on whether chloroquine is effective for the treatment of Covid 19.

It is not surprising that research on the use of chloroquine to treat the corona virus is underway. It is a tried, inexpensive and easy-to-use drug for the treatment of malaria. This medicine is used to reduce fever and irritation in malaria patient.

BBC Reporter Health James Gallagher says: “Laboratory investigations suggest that chloroquine can prevent the corona virus. There has been medical evidence from doctors that shows that this medicine can help. ”

But most importantly, no complete clinical trial has been done so far to show how this drug reacts in Corona’s patient’s body. But trials of this drug are ongoing in China, the US, the UK and Spain.

The World Health Organization says there is no definitive evidence for the effectiveness of the drug, but the drug is part of an ongoing investigation.

“To know which treatments can prevent viral infections, we need to do clinical trials to get evidence of which ones can be obtained,” says Professor Trudy Lang, director of the Global Health Network at Oxford University. Medicine is working and which is not. ‘



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