Corona Virus: What Happened During the Disease? Stories of three patients

Corona Virus: What Happened During the Disease? Stories of three patients

Corona Virus: What Happened During the Disease? Stories of three patientsPublicNews18: The death toll from the Corona virus in the UK is increasing and so far 2,000 people have been killed, but the majority of patients infected with the virus are recovering.

Some people show very little or no symptoms of the disease. But for some people, there is no other way than getting into a hospital and getting treatment for one.

We talked to three patients who had to be hospitalized.

The three men are of different ages and are now living in isolation after completing their hospitalization.

I am fighting for myself and my child’s life Karen Manning, a native of Harney Bay, Kent, UK, is six months pregnant and is her first child.

Karen Manning, 39, suffered a persistent cough and fever in the second week of March. But the hospitality were afraid to admit him. But on the eleventh day their condition worsened.

Karen said her breathing was so bad that she had to call the emergency service and within minutes the ambulance arrived on her visit.

He said, “They were having difficulty breathing so quickly that the emergency staff had to give them oxygen immediately.”

Karen’s Corona virus test came back positively, meaning she was infected. Both of his lungs were infected with pneumonia, and he was kept in a single room for a week.

No one was allowed to come into their room and meet them, Karen said.

He described his harassment this week as saying, “I was feeling very lonely and these were the dark days of my life.”

He added, ‘I couldn’t get out of bed for two or three days. I couldn’t even go to the toilet. If they had to change my bed sheets, they would bring me crochets on one side and change my sheets. ‘

“When I had trouble breathing, I had to ring a bell to help and wait for them to wear their caution before seeing me,” he said.

I was constantly on the phone with my family to keep myself calm. I was afraid I would die somewhere and my family was ready for the bad news. ‘

I was struggling for a breath and fighting for the life of myself and my child. ‘ Karen said that the day she was allowed to leave the hospital,

she would never forget the refreshing feeling of fresh air as she stepped outside the hospital building.

“Her husband came to take her to the car from the hospital and we were both wearing masks on the face and we kept the car windows open all the way,” she said.

They felt that the wind was so strong, then suddenly they realized the importance of such small things in life.

Karen is isolated at home and locked in a separate room with the rest of the family. They are recovering but they still have a dry cough that can last up to a month.

They think the virus in which they work in the beauty salon, but they can never say for sure. And they may never even know how to protect their family from the corona virus.

Jessie Clark, who lives in the British city of Sheffield, feared she might be involved in Cod 19 because she had had kidney problems for a while and had been discharged five years ago.

When people started coughing like a 26-year-old and they also had difficulty breathing, their anxiety increased. Within a few days, it was difficult for them to even walk.

Jessie described her condition and said she felt severe pain in the ribs, back and abdomen.

“It felt like someone had beaten me.” The day that Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced Lockdown in the country, fiance Tom like him took him to the local hospital’s accident and emergency department.

They were quickly separated from each other due to preventive restrictions. Jessie said she was scared and upset about being alone and wanted someone to help her.

He said that he was given a green mask to put on his mouth and it was a strange thing to put on his nose.

‘I was admitted to a ward that was specific to patients with KOD-19. There were walls between the beds to maintain distance.


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