Corona Virus:India Internet ban in Kashmir a major threat

Coronavirus: Internet ban in Kashmir a major threat
Coronavirus: Internet ban in Kashmir a major threatPublicNews18: Corona Virus kills two people in Kashmir, India,

The government has put more than 5,000 people in Quarantine, but medical staff are facing serious difficulties in taking protective measures due to the ongoing ban on the Internet.

The International Foundation for Freedom of Expression on the Internet has written a letter to the Government of India demanding that the Internet be restored in Kashmir.

However, the Government of India has made it necessary for the Kashmir administration to take a final decision on the ban, after which Home Secretary Shalin Kabra has announced that the Internet could not be restored due to the security situation in the valley.

It is noteworthy that there are only 97 ventilators available for the population of Kashmir’s seven million population, while the number of victims is increasing on an average of five persons daily.

On Monday, the Government of India’s Ministry of Health organized an in-line workshop on the management of ventilators with Kashmiri doctors, which could not be made possible due to the ban on the fast Internet.

Dr. Salem Khan, Head of Social and Preventive Medicine at Medical College, says: “Video conferencing is not possible on the slow Internet. This problem is not just a workshop, we are not able to do card-ups even in Upps. ‘

It should be noted that in August last year, Kashmir was unilaterally eliminated from the semi-autonomy of the region without integrating Kashmir into the federal system of India. The stream was gone.

In January this year, slow internet was restored, but video conferencing or video messaging is not possible.

There has been a lnockdown from March 25 across India to prevent the spread of the Corona virus, but normal life has been suspended in Kashmir since March 19. There are currently 1.5 million students in private and public schools in Kashmir

. The head of the private school association, GN Warri, told the BBC that there are 6 million children in our schools. We set up an inline course for everyone, but classes are not taking off from the slow Internet.

There is a resurgence in the whole world at this time, the government should restore the least speedy internet in Kashmir. ”

Social Wazir Sameer Malik said that during the lockdown against Corona, WhatsApp was an important source of help for millions in need, but the government is ignoring this aspect of the situation.

Sameer says over the past week, we have distributed 50,000 bottles of water to the quarantine centers. Blankets, chestnasers and masks are also important. If the internet was up to speed

, we could generate resources by mobilizing our friends around the world. ‘ Dr Qazi Haroon, who is involved in defense measures, says: “The work that took only an hour due to the ban on the Internet takes two days, and the ban on the Internet is making the Corona virus a double risk in Kashmir.”


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