Good news from the stock market

Good news from the stock market

 Good news from the stock marketPublicNews18: Fourth growth of the business is seen in the Pakistani stock market.

According to details, Thursday (today) when the market opened with the Index 29505 and saw a sharp rise in 30 minutes, which added more than 100 points to the index.

Twenty-two hours of trading time was also observed in the stock market, which led to the overall decline of the index by 65 points to the lowest level yet.
The slowdown in trading did not last long and the index increased gradually.

The latest index from the stock market rose by 274 points to reach 29,753.

20,114,786 shares in the market are worth 946,813,876 Pakistani rupees worth of Pakistani rupees.

The stock market also saw a sharp uptrend in the last day and gained 273 points. When the market opened on Wednesday, the index was at 29231 and ended

at 29,505. 157,081,939 shares were traded, with a value of 6,163,682,522 Pakistani rupees. Tuesday’s index was up 1208 points


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