PM big decision regarding construction industries

PM big decision regarding construction industries

 PM big decision regarding construction industriesPublicNews18: The PM has decided in view of the current situation in the country with regard to the construction industry so that there is no further loss of economy.

The PM has decided to revive the construction industry and a major package will be announced tomorrow.

Prime Minister Imran Khan held a ceremonial ceremony to distribute tax refunds checks to businessmen in Islamabad.

Prime Minister Imran Khan said that it is easier to get help from a regular registered worker and reach out to him but people who are earning daily wages and have no registrations are trying to reach them through the Emotion Program.

The Prime Minister said that these individuals should be funded out of the Rs.

The Prime Minister further said that filing tax refunds is part of a project that was not paid in advance because of which our industry could not re-invest and could not move forward.

He said the government is trying to provide refunds to the businesses so that they have liquidity and the Ministry of Commerce and Industry has been directed to contact all Chambers of Commerce and consider how to get it. To get out of this difficult time.

The Prime Minister said that this problem is not only our problem but the whole world, but the richest country America is also suffering from the problem of which only the economy is suffering but we also face the problem of hunger.


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