Showbiz Diary: Corona Virus Outbreak Affects Film Industry, Rohit Shetty criticizes Katrina Kaif’s statement

Showbiz Diary: Corona Virus Outbreak Affects Film Industry, Rohit Shetty criticizes Katrina Kaif's statement

Showbiz Diary: Corona Virus Outbreak Affects Film Industry, Rohit Shetty criticizes Katrina Kaif's statementPublicNews18: The corona virus, which is spreading worldwide, is now affecting the film industry, be it Hollywood or Bollywood.

Famous Hollywood actor Tom Hanks and his wife, Rita Wilson, have fallen prey to the Corona virus. The two are currently in Australia.

Tom Hanks reported on Instagram that he and his wife had been diagnosed with Covid-19. And now they’re in Quarantine. He further wrote that he would continue to make people aware of this situation.

Meanwhile, India has announced the release of several films in the coming weeks due to the outbreak of the Corona virus. They include Rohit Shetty’s film ‘Surya Vanshi’.

Katrina Kaif, along with Akshay Kumar, Ranveer Singh and Ajay Devgan have played major roles in the film.

Rohit Shetty was trending on Twitter yesterday because of a statement from Katrina Kaif. One of the trends was ‘Shame Kar Rohat Shetty’.

During this time, Rohit Shetty was criticized and called a victim of the Padre Imperial mindset. But what did they do?

In an interview with the Film Companion during the promotion of the film, Rohit was asked, ‘Who are you focusing on in the monitor if the movie has such big stars?’

He said, ‘If you look at this scene carefully, you will find that Katrina’s eyelids are blinking. But when Katrina said that she wanted to shoot this scene again, I said that honestly, there are three superstars like Akshay, Ranveer and Ajay in the frame.

‘Now who will see you during their presence and behind the bombing? No one will notice. In response, Katrina said, “How can you say that?”

After that, it is not known whether Rohit has said anything more to Katrina. Yes, a few days later, Katrina posted a comment on Instagram.

Katrina said ‘friends often don’t pay attention to the news. But I think Rohit statement is presented in some other context. ‘

He added, ‘When I told him that my eyelids were blinking in this chest, he had said that there were four people in that chest and that the bombing behind would not notice any of your eyelids. Yet this scene was shot again. ‘

Katrina’s post is believed to be a kind of death control. Nevertheless, after his statement, the hashtag ‘Shame kar Rohit Shetty’ also disappeared in the blink of an eye.

Salman Khan, who has always been busy with Eid and Diwali, is now making a film for that name. Its title is ‘Eid Eid Diwali’.

Salman Khan’s fans have been waiting patiently for his films. Whether their new movie is a hit or a flop now.

There have been speculations about what the story of this film might be, saying that it is a remake of a Tamil movie ‘Veerum’.

The film is about the story of four brothers and it describes Hindu-Muslim relations in an emotional way. Salman sister Ayush Sharma along with actress Poojain the film.



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