Why ‘institution’ is notorious in military militarymade plays

Why 'institution' is notorious in military-made plays

PublicNews18: ‘Most of the games of power and power played here have no rules. Their only goal is to go from top to bottom, whether it’s climbing on one’s head or climbing on their heart. It will take time but you will learn. ‘

ArmyThe dialogue is part of a role in the play ‘Ahaid wa Wafa’ in partnership with the Pakistani  Public Relations and Private Channel Hum Entertainment that teaches an eminent politician, ‘Malik Shahzain’, to fall into politics.

The play shows that Shahzin is not even a highly educated character, but simply because of the influence of his grandfather, he has become a member of parliament.

Shahzin, as a politician influenced by the media, appears to have fired his first friend and then resumed his job, and at the same time talked about the influence of the electoral system in the civil service.

It is not new to portray politicians, media and bureaucracy in a negative role in Pakistani dramas, but in the past it has not been seen in Military-themed plays such as ‘Alpha Bravo Charlie’ and ‘Golden Day’.

This is probably the reason that the drama that is being aired every Sunday is even more talked about and is being criticized by many.

Similarly, the ‘post office’ also shows the media industry in negative terms where there are ‘planned interviews’ and channel owners have affiliations with miscreants.

On this issue, the Military says that what is being criticized for the story is absurd and it is better to allow the first play to be completed.

The post is actually the story of four friends who initially took up careers in the military, politics, media and bureaucracy after attending Lawrence College.

Speaking about the creation of the play, Covenant Director Saifi Hassan told the BBC that we were initially told to show four friends who would later represent the four pillars of the state in their careers. It was said that a character has to be shown in negative terms. ‘

Referring to the criticism of the play, he said, “Even before becoming a politician, there was a negative aspect of Shahzain character; he had first fought with friends and shot a horse.

“However, it is not appropriate to criticize in this regard before the end of the play.”

What has been the most criticized on social media in this regard is that Shahzain citizen had to say that your interviewees were ‘your own servants’.

Saifi Hassan explained, “It is clear in this scene that Shahzin is lying.”


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