Corona Virus: How is Covid-19 tested in Pakistan and can it be wrong?

Corona Virus: How is Cod 19 tested in Pakistan and can it be wrong?

Corona Virus: How is Cod 19 tested in Pakistan and can it be wrong?PublicNews18: Is it possible for a Corona Virus test to be positive after a person’s death but not anyone diagnosed with the virus? One such case has become an issue for clinicians and local authorities in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa city of Dera Ismail Khan.

Corona Virus A resident here died March 24. Mohammad Amir came to Pakistan from Oman on February 8 and was married on March 23.

Local doctors said that Corona Virus  Mohammed Amir condition deteriorated a few days before his marriage and he was taken to a local civil hospital where he was sent home after first aid. When his condition worsened, the family took him to Multan for treatment, where he died.

According to doctors, corona virus was diagnosed in a sample taken from his body after his death. The administration came in motion and tests were also conducted on the family members of Mohammed Amir funeral.

However, according to Deputy Commissioner of Dera Ismail Khan, all of them were not diagnosed with corona virus.

The question that arises here is, is it possible that these individuals’ test results fall into the category of ‘negative’ or ‘positive’?

According to Dr. Huma Riaz, who is affiliated with Hematology Department of Lady Reading Hospital in Peshawar, if a person has come in contact with someone who has been diagnosed with corona virus, it is not necessary to transmit the virus to them.

There are two types of corona virus tests. If you get a blood sample, it means that the antibodies present in it will determine if your body has a virus.

If you have a swab test, you will get a sample from your mouth which is suitable for ‘polymerase chain reaction’ or PCR test. Most tests are taking place in Pakistan with similar kits.

Dr. Hume points out that the sample obtained from any individual in the PCR test is compared with a ‘no control’. ‘Nun control’ refers to the genetic sequence of the virus that is identified.

According to them, when the two samples are compared, the pattern that is similar to the genetic sequence of the corona virus is considered positive or positive.

If the genetic sequence of the sample does not match the virus sequence in Wuhan, China, it means something else and the test results in a negative or negative.

‘Cod 19 virus is a virus similar to SARS, which already exists in different places, has its own structure. In addition, it is said about the virus that it transforms its shape when it is transmitted from one person to another.

But can the test result be wrong? Is it possible for a person to come to the Corona virus test negative and they are diagnosed with Corona in their body after death?

According to Dr. Hume, the error in the PCR test is very low if the sample is taken correctly. According to him: “If the patient is not sampled correctly or the amount is less than the need, then the false negative can occur.”

However, if the test comes out positive, the error is less likely because a positive result will only come from the genetic sequence of the virus in the PCR test.

Goals University’s Center for Biochemistry and Biotechnology Dr Muzamil Ahmad Khan says that falls positives usually occur at occasions where a patient’s sample is either contraindicated (ie, not pure), or for a test. Devices must becontaminated or mistakenly coupled with a positive sample to another sample. If the person taking the sample is the virus or the person who is doing the test is infected, the error can still be positive.

According to Dr Muzamil, one of the causes of falls negative may be the reduction of viral load. This means that the virus is low in the patient.

According to him, it is possible that in normal PCR tests, samples of patients with low viral load should be declared negative and when tested on more sensitive devices they will come out positive.

Dr Muzammal claims that there have been cases in China where a patient’s ‘real-time polymerase chain reaction’ test or RTPCR test came out negative but more sensitive digital ‘droplet chain reaction’ test. Or the virus was diagnosed in the same sample with the DDPCR test.



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