Etichetta Accordini Igino Amarone della Valpolicella

Etichetta Accordini Igino Amarone della Valpolicella


PublicNews18: Amarone della Valpolicella- Amarone is a full-bodied wine, its structure is perfect to enjoy in special moments, each bottle is unique, listed in a limited edition that is worth acquiring.

Its bouquet of cherries is well received for its aroma of vanilla, tobacco, and licorice.

The flavor and category are present in each drink, the good the aroma of Amarone Della Valpolicella lasts over the years thanks to the grape drying method, Appassimento, a drying method in which the grapes are partially dehydrated to offer a unique experience.

A special edition wine, for special occasions

Amarone Della Valpolicella is the official name of this wine on the market. It is one of those wines that you buy and when you taste it you want to drink it with that special person for years. Its taste has been described as “Now I can die in peace” after being tested by hundreds of tasters all over the world.

It’s a rather scarce wine, so it usually comes at a high price compared to other vintages. This is because its method of preparation, drying, and distillation (Appassimento) is quite complex and difficult to process.

The method consists of a slow drying of the harvest, followed by a slow, fermented pressing.

“Accordini Igino” is the best producer of this acclaimed wine, its product generates great expectations and is no less for a high-end artisan like Guido Accordini, the history of his wine dates back a a long time ago, exactly in 1821 in the heart of Valpolicella thanks also to his father Igino Accordini.

From the cellar to your home

From the vineyard, the manual selection of grapes guarantees a wine of the highest quality, its production process is special:

The grapes are selected under strict controls, this is how Igino has been able to guarantee the perfect recipe for its best wine.

Although its price is considered high compared to other types of wine; the most severe criticism ensures that it is a safe purchase, it is impossible to forget the first time you taste a sip of such a delicious harvest.

The technique he uses is ancient, the Appeasement, a drying a method that consists of separating the grapes into large panels of bamboo to be dried slowly on plates, then they are processed through presses, which gradually squeeze every drop of the crop.

The aging for this type of production is quite particular because it takes several years in casks to reach its maximum point; the secret has been well kept from generation to generation.

Guido Accordini, who has followed the legacy of his father Igino Accordini; Together with his wife Liliana, they have made this winery a place of memory and high category.

The rigorous quality control of Accordini Igino wines is the product of his father: Igino Accordini who has worked tirelessly to bring to Italy wines of the best category and unmistakable quality, Amarone Della Valpolicella has been the subject of positive criticism throughout his career as he has come in addition to cheering on his producer.

Advice and pairings

Amarone Della Valpolicella is undoubtedly an excellent companion to enjoy alongside Italian cuisine.

Venetian dishes and Asian cuisine of modern and traditional styles are the best friends of this excellent drink.

Italian dishes such as Pasta e Fasoi, Fegato alla Veneziana, Brasato all’Amarone or Bigoli col’Anara.

They are excellent when it comes to sitting at the table, we are talking about a bottle of wine with an earthy flavor and a robust body.

So the salty dishes create the perfect contrast, especially those that include meat, stews, ribs, and yellow sauce.

One of the best advice is to accompany this drink with meat prepared in a traditional style, lamb and veal with rustic meat in Amarone sauce will be perfect for your tasting.

The list of fish that can accompany this exotic liqueur is short, since most fish have a strong flavor, we recommend species with light flavors such as tuna or salmon.

We hope you enjoyed this walk through the history of one of the best wines in Italy, we invite you to enjoy this excellent drink with the dishes you prefer, do not forget to share with your friends and leave us your opinion on this excellent wine.



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