Corona Virus: Are the steps taken by the Indian government to cope with the outbreak sufficient

Corona Virus: Are the steps taken by the Indian government to cope with the outbreak sufficient

Corona Virus: Are the steps taken by the Indian government to cope with the outbreak sufficientPublicNews18: Last day Indian government, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi apologized to the public for the trouble he suffered from nationwide lockdown in his program ‘Mann Ki Baat’ addressing the people via radio.

“I sincerely apologize to the people and I think you will forgive me,” he said.

Indian Government He added, ‘Because some decisions have to be made that will bring you all the difficulties. My poor siblings will think what kind of prime minister we have got who put us in this trouble. I sincerely apologize to them. ”

Migration to major cities and villages began only when Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced a 21-day lockdown across the country at 8 pm on March 24 to fight the Corona virus.

The announcement was made at 8 pm, and more than 100 billion people were given only 4 hours’ notice or time. People were given only a few hours to buy food and essential medicines.

There was a world of resurrection in shops and markets. Everyone seemed to be getting nothing from the next day.

Millions of working day laborers coming from different villages of the country in Delhi have started to pack their belongings due to the closure of jobs and the lack of basic goods and housing.

In the Prime Minister’s statement, there was no mention of what the people who earn and the food will do when the construction work stops, the market and other jobs are closed.

Due to the closure of public transport, these poor laborers started walking several hundred kilometers to return to their homes.

These included young children, women and pregnant women. Numerous media reports have revealed that 20 workers died due to hunger, sickness and constant miles of walking. It should be noted that 35 people have been killed due to corona virus in India so far.

It is impossible that the government did not have statistics on the number of laborers living in major cities.

The government copied the developing western countries to fight the Corona virus epidemic and declared a lockdown.

If we mention other countries, they may be facing medical problems, lack of test kits and other problems, but they do not have enough of the poor laborers who earn their living on a daily basis.

The Economic Survey of 2017 states that between 2011 and 2016, nearly 90 million people went from state to state in search of jobs.

According to the 2011 census, the number of migrant workers due to employment within the country was approximately 19.3 million.

According to the International Institute of Population Sciences, which operates under the Ministry of Health and Welfare, workers from these small towns get the most employment in the construction sector, and at least 40 million workers work in this sector. Are.

In addition, employment in homes provides employment to 20 million people. In the textile sector, this figure is a staggering 10 million, while working in brick kilns provides employment to 10 million people.

In addition, a large number of laborers work in transport, mining and large farms.

According to these daily laborers, their jobs were lost after the lockdown. Due to the closure of the construction sector and other areas, they had to move to their homes.


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