Football leagues around the world have been canceled

Football matches around the world have been canceled

 Football matches around the world have been canceledPublicNews18 : Football leagues around the world have been canceled

The seasons of Europe’s five biggest football leagues, Italy, England, Spain, Germany, and France, all withholding the pause.

Football leagues clubs will suffer a huge economic loss in terms of revenue generated from these sports competitions while on the other hand they will have to pay huge salaries to the players. On the other hand, there is pressure on TV companies to return the money they give consumers to buy sports channel broadcasts.

UEFA has canceled the Euro 2020 as well as the Champions League and the Europa League. Meanwhile, the planned Copa America in Argentina and Chile has also been postponed in June and July. For the first time in the canceled Euro 2020, twelve cities will have to host different matches. These cities also included new cities like Bucharest, Dublin, and Baku.

“This is not just about buying and selling tickets,” says Cesar Gaffetti, an economist based in Italy. Euro 2020 is also very important for the tourism industry in Europe. ‘

He cited a review by a company called ‘EYDKM’ and said that football leagues hosting the four matches in Euro 2020 was expected to bring 96,000 new tourists to Ireland, which would affect the country’s economy. 110 million was to be earned.

Teams and sports watch good organizations will cover their losses from insurance companies, but small businesses operating in host cities such as shops and restaurants will not be able to do so.

On March 13, Disney announced that their well-known theme parks in the United States had been closed due to concerns about the Corona virus.

Parks closures were later implemented in France, including Euro Disney, in Tokyo and Shanghai parks.

This is very important for the world of entertainment. Disney’s Magic Kingdom Park in the US city of Orlando is the most popular theme park in the world, with 20.8 million visitors in 2018, and Disney’s Parks generated sales of $ 26 billion last year.

There are more Disney parks in Orlando and there are 28,000 jobs connected to the tourism sector. The city attracted 75 million tourists in 2018. This is more than the total number of tourists arriving in both New York and Paris this year.



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