India is the lowest testing country in the world

India is the lowest testing country in the world

 India is the lowest testing country in the worldPublicNews18: India is the lowest testing country in the world As of March 27, India had performed only 26798 tests, with the lowest being performed in countries around the world.

India There is no clear data on how many test facilities are available in India. Due to lack of test kits, the quality of the test is strict.

Only those who have returned from countries affected by the outbreak or who have been exposed to the virus are being tested.

On March 20, ICMR said the testing could also include people who work in the medical field or who are more likely to be infected.

According to the report, there is one doctor per 1000 persons recommended by WBO, and in India there is one doctor per 10,000 persons.

The government is being asked why it has not increased production of kits and PPIs, ie, personal protective equipment at the right time. Also the ventilator was ignored.

The government only indicated on March 28 that the country had entered the stage stage of Cod 19.

In his second address, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that the government has allocated Rs 15,000 crore package to fight the corona virus and improve the country’s medical infrastructure.

He said the money would help increase the number of testing kits, personal protective equipment, PPIs, isolation beds, ICU beds, ventilators and other medical devices.

According to the Federal Ministry of Health, India has only 8432 ventilators in the public sector, while the private sector has 40000 ventilators.

Tata Motors, Mahindra and Mahindra, Hyundai Motor India, Honda Cars India, and Maruti Suzuki India have been asked to try to build a ventilator.

The need for ventilator can provide life support to the most affected patient with Code 19.

Experts have said that India may need 8 or 10 times more ventilators than the current number of ventilators in the country.

Car makers are busy making ventilators, and now building them is a big challenge.



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