Tablighi Jamaat: Who is Muhammad Saad of Nizamuddin Center in Delhi

Tablighi Jamaat: Who is Muhammad Saad of Nizamuddin Center in Delhi

 Tablighi Jamaat: Who is Muhammad Saad of Nizamuddin Center in DelhiPublicNews18: In India, Tablighi Jamaat and its rich Maulana Muhammad Saad Kandhalavi are in the headlines these days.

The reason for their headlines Tablighi Jamaat is a gathering held in Delhi after which several cases of Corona virus Cod 19 have been reported in different cities of India.

Delhi Police on Tuesday filed an FIR against Maulana Mohammad Saad. Police say that Maulana held a major religious rally in Nizamuddin Basti and violated the government’s directive.

When the media started publishing information about Maulana Saad, he released a video on Tuesday night and made the message that he is in isolation himself these days.

Now, people are interested in who Maulana Muhammad Saad is.

If you want to get information about them by Google then you will not get any specific information nor get their photos or videos. Even if some articles were received about them, they would be based on incorrect or unfounded information.

It is not because the party or Maulana Saad works in secret, but because the party is against TV, film, video and the Internet.

Maulana Saad’s closest relative and his sister-in-law, Zia-ul-Hassan, told the BBC on the phone: ‘TV has never come to our homes. We do not watch TV or take pictures. ‘

In the eyes of classmates, watching TV, photographing, and watching movies are considered disabled or against religion. Many members of the congregation do not even have cell phones.

Maulana Saad is not considered a scholar of Islam but his grip on his organization is strong. They listen to the least of others but a common denominator who does not consider anyone their enemy.

Maulana Saad is the son of Maulana Muhammad Elias Kandhalavi, who formed the Tablighi Jamaat in 1926. In a way, it can be said that they have inherited the leadership or leadership of the party.

He was born 55 years ago in the same house in the Nizamuddin area in which he lives today. His home is very close to the headquarters or center of the Tablighi Jamaat.

Millions of members of the community live in more than 80 countries around the world. Among them, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Europe, Australia and the United States are important. Maulana Saad is the spiritual leader of millions of members of his party.

Unlike his grandfather, Muhammad Elias and his grandfather, Muhammad Yusuf, Maulana Saad is not counted as an Islamic scholar.

According to his brother-in-law Maulana Hassan, “The madrassa of the madrassa at Maulana Saad education center was completed.”

Despite having an Islamic education, the madrassas did not have the status of an Islamic scholar or a prominent figure within the community such as Maulana Ibrahim and Maulana Ahmed.

As a result, differences within the party began to grow. Three years ago the party split and the party split into two factions.

Maulana Ibrahim and Maulana Ahmed, both from Gujarat and both over 80 years of age, are the most famous faces of the second division. There is no exact information about how many people went to the congregation with their faction.

Some say 60 per cent of the members went to Maulana Ibrahim and Maulana Ahad, while some say only 10 per cent joined the other faction.

Divisions and Differences in the Party Maulana Saad leadership was the first major test. Those close to the party say Maulana Saad biggest weakness is his stubbornness. They don’t listen to anyone. Maulana Hasaan blames Maulana Saad for the split in the party.

He says that Maulana Ibrahim and Maulana Ahmed were proposing a new rich every week. Tell yourself how a decision will be made if an organization or a company gets a new leader selected each week. ‘

Zafar Sreeswala, who is close to the two factions of the party, says he tried his best to reconcile the two factions but did not succeed.

He says, ‘I have known Maulana Saad for the last 40 years. He is a very simple person.


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