Corona virus: pilots expelled from Pakistan, unhappy with ‘security arrangements’


PublicNews18: A large number of Pakistani nationals are trapped in various countries due to the outbreak of Corona virus and the closure of airports in different countries of the world.

Like many other countries, the Pakistani government recently launched special flights to bring back its citizens. The flights were operated from three major airports in Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi.

However, PIA has suspended service from Karachi and Pakistan Airline Pilots Association (PALPA), a representative of the Pilots in Pakistan, urged pilots across the country not to fly in Corona’s current situation without proper safety measures. Is.’

These instructions have surfaced when a PIA flight recently arrived in Lahore to confirm the Corona virus among some pilots, while it has been decided to keep five staff members at Quarantine.

The PIA flight arrived in Toronto from the Canadian city of Pakistan carrying Pakistani nationals.

Describing the safety of the crew and passengers inappropriate, Palpa recently wrote a letter to the Federal Aviation Minister stating that he has repeatedly called on the PIA administration to “take poor security measures” Has been taken to, but no action has been taken. ‘

In a letter written by Palpa’s president, Captain Chaudhry Salman, “the crew members are being put in a very dangerous situation which could have a far-reaching impact on them and their families’ health.” ‘

Pakistan International Airlines spokesman Abdullah Hafeez Khan told the BBC that the Corona virus had been confirmed in three pilots, but Palpa spokesman Mohammad Naveed said the number of pilots had increased to four.

However, how do the pilots suffer from Corona and why is Palpa worried?

According to Palpa’s spokesman, Mohammed Naveed, all four pilots came to Lahore from Canada, but they were not flying.

PIA spokesman Abdullah Hafeez Khan told the BBC that the affected pilots had been stranded in Canada for the past 14 days due to lockdown and were traveling as passengers on a Lahore flight.



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