Mumbai: An attempt to protect the world’s largest slum population from Corona

Mumbai: An attempt to protect the world's largest slum population from Corona

PublicNews18: Mumbai An attempt to protect the world’s largest slum population from Corona

Mumbai A 56-year-old man living in the slum-drenched slum (slum or slum) in the western Indian city of Mumbai arrives to see a doctor March 23. He had a fever and severe cough.

These garment traders lived in Dharavi, where more than 500,000 people live in a dirty area of ​​two and a half square kilometers (think that greater population than Manchester also settled in Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens, smaller area). The slum population was penned for the Oscar-winning Hollywood movie ‘Slim Dog Millionaire’ and has been studied by city planners around the world for its flourishing economy and society.

The local doctor examined the patient and prescribed them with ceramic medicine and paracetamol for fever. Three days later, the man was taken to a nearby sign hospital. His fever had increased and his cough had worsened. He said he had not traveled anywhere recently, so the doctor gave more cough medicine and sent him home again.

The man was brought to the hospital again on March 29, and this time he had trouble breathing. The doctor took him to the hospital and his saliva and saliva or mucus were immediately sent for a Cod-19 examination.

Three days later, the Corona virus positive came. His condition worsened, and the doctor tried to transfer him to a major hospital where patients with Cod-19 were being treated.

The clothing trader was Dharavi first Corona certified patient. From the neck up to the neck, people have everything from diarrhea to malaria to the nesting population that is found in Mumbai and Mumbai is one of the most densely populated cities in the world.

But in a place where social distance is a gathering place, the outbreak of the Corona virus can create a public health emergency, and the city’s public health system already under pressure can be more stressful. Is.

No one knows more than the authorities who are engaged in efforts to detect and control the infection. Corona’s first patient, who lives in Dharavi, lived with his family of eight members, including his wife and four daughters and two sons. They all live in a 420 square meter living room with low ceilings and closets.

Deputy Municipal Commissioner of the area, Kiran Deoghakar, told me: ‘When we asked his family, they told me there was no record of his trip and he was only going to the local mosque.’

But there is a turning point in the story.

This person has another apartment in the same building. There, he had appointed five men, who had reportedly returned from Delhi in early March to attend a gathering of the Tablighi Jamaat. There are eight different countries in the world, including Indonesia, Malaysia, and the United States of America.

Hundreds of people who participated in the preaching gathering took many flags of Cod-19 to different parts of the country and are now reported to have 650 cases in 14 states.

Police say five persons staying in Dharavi for two days flew to Kerala between March 19 and 21. Dughawker said: ‘We are tracking these people.’

“We have to find out the source of the infection, how and to whom did this person get the infection?” And we need to take aggressive action to prevent this infection from spreading.

The deceased’s family said they did not have a passport, which police suspect. So they are scrutinizing their mobile phone records to find out about their movements.

It is currently underway how to prevent the outbreak. Therefore, currently 308 apartments, 80 shops in the six-story building where he was a businessman have been completely sealed. About two and a half thousand residents have been kept in their homes in Quarantina.

Food and rations are being provided for them. Health sector workers have cleansed the apartment with domestic bleach. The ‘high risk’ in this building was sent for testing eight sputum sputum and mucus. They include the deceased’s family and a close acquaintance.



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