India :Mumbai is one of the most densely populated cities in the world

India :Mumbai is one of the most densely populated cities in the world

PublicNews18: India Mumbai is one of the most densely populated cities in the world

Mumbai Authorities have seized the 50-bed sign hospital in anticipation of the outbreak, and a 300-bed quarantine center has been rapidly erected at the nearby Sports Complex. Hospital doctors and nurses have been given protective clothing.

Yet all these things are not enough to stop the spread.

On Thursday, Corona was diagnosed with a 35-year-old doctor who works in a private hospital and lives in that slum population. Employees of the municipality came together to separate them and sealed the building where the doctors live.

There are 300 other people besides the doctor. Along with this, he sent the saliva and mucus of 13 high-risk doctors close to the doctor to examine Corona. The doctor told authorities that two nurses at his hospital had also found the virus positive, and reports of a 30-year-old woman and a 21-year-old lab technician came to the same building where a 60-year-old businessman lived on Saturday.

Mr Daghavkar said: “We are still able to control the infection in the katchi population in the gateway but outside it there are slums and if such cases occur, it will be difficult to separate them in homes and high risk cases. Must also be sent to the quarantine center at the Sports Complex. ‘

If this happens the battle to stop the infection will be dangerous. The local hospital and temporary quarantine will be reduced.

Testing will have to be seeded up and their results have to be timely. After the first two cases of the trader and doctor, 21 samples have been taken from this slum population and after 48 hours only seven people have been reported. The public hospital where the tests are conducted says they have a plethora of samples to test. A further 23 samples have been taken after the new two cases were revealed and sent to the lab for testing on Saturday. It is not yet clear when their results will come.

Medical Officer Virender Mohit, who heads the health team in Dharavi¬† slum, told me: ‘Our time is wasted due to delays in results. Due to this, people who are positive are also being delayed. ”

These are some of the real challenges in preventing the outbreak that are confronting this limited and unique Katchi population, from fishermen to potters, growers, costumers, tailors, accountants, garbage entrepreneurs, even some in Mumbai. The fastest ripple rappers also live. Author Anne Zaidi once wrote that Dharavi is a place full of stories of “despair and courage, progress and hard work.”

But now it faces the greatest challenge of surviving the catastrophic epidemic


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