Showbiz Diary: ‘Darrow’s Quota Is Fully Unchained Uncle’

Showbiz Diary: 'Darrow's Quota Is Fully Unchained Uncle'

PublicNews18: Showbiz Diary ‘Darrow’s Quota Is Fully Unchained Uncle’

Showbiz Diary the Corona virus outbreak has forced people around the world to live in a whole new way. Bazaars closed, jobs closed, roads closed, as well as the film industry closed.

Now that everyone is empty and it is necessary to stay on the news or social media, then everyone is back to work. Someone started teaching a lesson on how to wash hands when someone is training to do gym work at home and many big stars are asking for full implementation of Modi 21-day lockdown. Are.

Dabang Khan recently advised people in a video that please wash hands, do not meet each other and do not go out without need. Varone washings are encouraging people to act.

Dino Morea posted his workout photos while Arjun Kapoor is watching movies. Neha Dhupia says that even in these situations ‘positivity‘ and Esha Gupta is changing clothes and posting videos.

But some people now have jobs that they have rarely done before.

For example, Katrina Kaif is cleaning her house. With a picture of her on Instagram, she revealed that she is cleaning her house nowadays.

Varun Dhawan along with several stars posted his workout photos, in which the filmmaker Farah Khan got angry when he wrote that he stopped posting pictures of his workout in these critical conditions caused by the Corona virus. At this time, people are facing even more serious problems than taking care of their figure.

Farah Khan may not realize that bread, clothing, housing and employment are the problems of the poor, while the people of wealth, fame and luxury, or, say, the stomachs, are something else.

Well, Rashi Kapoor is also getting angry. In fact, he also tried to fulfill his important responsibility by posting a nice message on social media about the Corona virus: ‘Don’t leave the house, don’t meet the people, wash your hands’ and so on.

In reply a Twitter user wrote, ‘Daru quota is fruitful and not picking up.’ While another user sprayed oil on the burn, ‘whiskey stock is neither you nor you’

Then what happened to Chantouji was very angry and in response he heard such words which is difficult to write, however he also said that I would block the makers of my life style or my country.

At the same time, Parson Joshi, the poet and the head of the censor board, is also trying to please Modi and he has written a poem on his 21-day lockdown.

The history of Bollywood is a testimony that when Parsonji did something like this, he was openly honored. Now what should he do? Someone ask them that the brother will know the child now.


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