Corona virus should not make cricket too poor

Corona virus should not make cricket too poor

PublicNews18 : Corona virus should not make cricket too poor

Corona virus has created the worst crisis in recent human history. Wheels around the world are jammed. Big economies are shaking with fear of bankruptcy. But one loss is their biggest.

Gideon Hague is a renowned Australian cricket writer. In an interview some time ago, he said that a friend of his writes full films and they both often laughed at the fact that we were both always new in the way of old, very attractive, repetitive activity. Let’s try to write.

Sports is undoubtedly a very old, very attractive and repetitive activity, but nevertheless there is a clear majority of the human population’s ‘time pass’ activity. As Corona destroys the playgrounds, time-consuming activities for limited people in the homes are becoming even more limited.

The major global contests are delayed and many have been postponed. The season for Wimbledon has been canceled, the Olympics have been postponed, so is the world of football, and listening to cricket, the biggest annual economic activity of the IPL, is likely to take off in the near future. The boredom of the fans will certainly increase, but the effects are also affecting cricket professionals.

Pete Cummins was one of the most expensive players in this IPL season, currently sitting at home waiting for the start of the Australian season as the IPL cancellation will cost him $ 2 million at home. Imagine how much damage the Indian Cricket Board would have had if it had not been held this season.

PCB’s Waseem Khan but is optimistic that even if Corona swallows two-three series and domestic season, there are enough notes in the board pocket. For the winter PCB finances are in good shape.

But Tom Harrison, chief executive of the England and Wales Cricket Board, is not optimistic at all. He says if Corona canceled the entire season, which is speculative, his loss to the pockets of English cricket would amount to 300 million pounds.

So, at the moment, we are seeing that Corona’s recent shock of cricket, which has become increasingly rich over the past few years, can push it back at least four to five years. Because if things do not improve by June, July this year, then the Caribbean Premier League as well as the ICT T20 World Cup is going to be a jumble.

And it is simple that if the income of the ICC is reduced, its effects will reach not only the board of every member country but also the players and domestic cricket. The effects have also begun to show that England has left its players with a 20 per cent reduction in monthly salaries.

Although the Professional Cricketers ‘Association still has a slightly different stance on this, it is less than expected that the players’ account will not be deducted 20%. Because if the board goes into a loss of 300 million pounds, then you have to cut costs somewhere else.

It is not a matter of concern for the PCB at present that, fortunately, the PCB’s earning vessel event PSL Corona was dealt with just before the crisis. With just three matches remaining, they are likely to be held somewhere. But PCB has already made a lot of money.

But all the other boards are headed for deeper waters right now. BCCI chief Sariyo Ganguly is particularly worried about where the IPL season will be postponed if he is to blame for such a huge financial loss.

The West Indies Board is worried about the Caribbean Premier League and is worried that if the already destabilized board finances fall, it will have a profound impact on the performance of the West Indian team. But despite all this crisis, some people are still acting positively and offering new suggestions. Ben Stokes and Johnny Bairstow are optimistic to the extent that they are preparing for the IPL in indoor nets.

On the other hand, England captain Owen Morgan is saying that England can create two separate teams at the same time and play their Tests and ODIs at the same time so that more cricket is played in the limited C window and the season is not empty. Go

They are also willing to let the cricketing world decide on such a high-profile genre that without the crowds, only twenty-two players and countless match-officials can spend a few hours safely in the empty stadium, so there is no point in playing behind closed doors. ۔

The Corona crisis will go unnoticed and how many months will go by, but Morgan’s suggestion is at present quite pragmatic as cricket’s economy, like all other economies, is on the verge of collapse and fears the trend will not break. Corona should not make cricket too poor.


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