Coronavirus: There are no case reports in Turkmenistan so far

Corona Virus: There are no case reports in Turkmenistan so far

PublicNews18: Corona Virus: There are no case reports in Turkmenistan so far

The number of red circles on the map of Cod-19 is increasing, but there are some countries where no single confirmed case report of the disease has been reported. These countries also include Turkmenistan with the toughest dictatorial government.

Many experts are concerned that the Turkmen government may be hiding the truth and may interfere with efforts to end the disease.

While the world is battling the Corona virus and more and more countries are locking down their populations, a major cycling rally is being held on World Health Day in Turkmenistan on Tuesday.

This Central Asian country claims that there has been no case report of the Corona virus yet

“The official statistics from Turkmenistan are extremely unpredictable,” says Martin McKee, a professor at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine who studies Turkmen health.

“For the past decade, they have claimed that no HIV or AIDS patient has been saved in Turkmenistan, which is impossible,” he said. We also know that in the 2000 they suppressed evidence of outbreaks, including plague. ‘

Many people in Turkmenistan are afraid to suggest that there might already be cod 19.

On the condition of anonymity, a resident of the capital Ashgabad says, “One of my acquaintances, who works in a government agency, told me that I should not say that there was a virus or that I had heard about it. Have heard, otherwise I may be in trouble. ‘

However, authorities in Turkmenistan are taking steps to cope with the outbreak.

Along with UN agencies in the country, they are discussing the process.

Elena Panova, UN Resident Coordinator, told the BBC that the project includes national-level contact, risk-related contact, case investigation, laboratory evaluation and other measures.

When I asked him whether the UN was confident of official data showing that there were no confirmed cases of Cod-19 in Turkmenistan, Panova declined to give a straight answer.

“We are relying on official data because the rest of the countries are doing the same. There is no question of trust because this is how it works,” he said.

Panova also said that the absence of a certified case may result in timely travel restrictions.

In fact, Turkmenistan closed most of its land borders more than a month ago.

He also canceled flights to China and some other countries in early February, and began to divert all international flights from the capital to northeast Turkmenistan, where a quarantine zone was created.

However, according to several residents, some people managed to get out of the bribery zone, thus avoiding spending two weeks in isolation in tents.

Panova said that every person arriving in the country and those who showed symptoms had a Cod-19 test, but how many tests were done in a single day and how many test kits were present in Turkmenistan, Pannova reported Can’t tell count.

“After discussions with government officials, we think they have done enough tests.”



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