Coronavirus: the difference between the corona virus and the flu

Coronavirus: the difference between the corona virus and the flu

PublicNews18: Coronavirus the difference between the corona virus and the flu

Nowadays Coronavirus, it is the flu or nasal cold, which is seen as sneezing or nasal cleansing. He who has a cold tells himself to stay away from me, so you don’t get germs.

Or you refrain from going to the affected person yourself. This is nothing new, it happens every year, but this time something new is definitely needed.

If you are sitting on a train in London and you start to sneeze or sneeze for a moment, then at first people start to look at you carefully and then slowly move away.

The same is true in other countries. In fact, people are just using gestures when meeting each other. Jokes are being made, videos and memes are being made.

A viral video on the internet shows friends in Iran shaking their feet and legs instead of hands. Tanzania’s president did the same.

It is feared of the new virus known as the Novel Corona virus or cod 19 says and this fear is gradually being embedded in our minds and thoughts, which sometimes come out in the form of jokes, sometimes in the form of expressions of thought.

My son, who never cared about the cold, wanders in the pocket these days for sanitizer.

“The official statistics from Turkmenistan are extremely unpredictable,” says Martin McKee, a professor at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine who studies Turkmen health.

“For the past decade, they have claimed that no HIV or AIDS patient has been saved in Turkmenistan, which is impossible,” he said. We also know that in the 2000 they suppressed evidence of outbreaks, including plague. ‘

Many people in Turkmenistan are afraid to suggest that there might already be cod 19.

According to the World Health Organization, the world faces an “unknown threat” over the spread of the Corona virus.

Worldwide the number of Corona virus-infected people has exceeded two million and at least 8,000 have died. Corona patients are on the rise in Europe, while the United States has announced to close its border with Canada.

The largest number of Corona virus patients in European countries is in Italy, where 2503 people have been confirmed dead from the virus. In the United States, the number of people infected with the virus has grown to over six thousand.

Dr. Abdul Hafeez, founder member and CEO of the Association of Pakistani Physicians and Surgeons of the United Kingdom (APSUK), a British-based physician organization in the UK, says that we can’t compare the flu and corona right now because You know about the flu while nothing about Corona. “There is research now but it is in the early stages. And even when it is tested in an emergency, it will not go through the experimental stages through which the medicine goes. ‘

He said the virus was not being investigated as fast as it was spreading.


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