New respiratory virus discovered in China

New respiratory virus discovered in China

PublicNews18: New respiratory virus discovered in China

A mysterious virus not yet known to science is causing a severe lung disease in Wuhan, China.

According to reports received by January 10, 50 people have been infected with the virus, seven of which are reported to be critical.

When a new virus is discovered that causes people to have pneumonia, such a virus is always a cause of concern for public health authorities and authorities around the world are currently on high alert.

But is it a temporary epidemic today and will end the next day or is it a foretaste of a serious situation

Samples of this bacterium have been obtained from patients and are being reviewed in the laboratory. Authorities in China and the World Health Organization have come to the conclusion that it is an outbreak of the Corona virus (a virus that causes colds).

Corona is a virus, virus type or family, but there are only six of these types of viruses that affect humans. The new virus will be the seventh virus to be discovered.

In China, in 2002, a serious respiratory disease (SARS) outbreak caused by the coronavirus killed 774 people out of 8098 affected people.

Dr Josey Golding of the Wellcome Trust said: “The fierce memories of SARS are still fresh, which is why people are very scared but we have been better prepared to deal with such diseases since this experience.”

Corona viruses can also cause the death of a patient, starting with a nozzle sign.

The newly discovered virus is somewhere in the middle.

“When a new corona virus is discovered, it is tried to determine how severe the symptoms are,” said Mark Woolhouse, a professor at the University of Edinburgh.

He added that “the symptoms of the new virus are more severe than the symptoms of nausea but are not yet as serious as the SARS virus.”

They occur in an organism where they are not detected, and they are transmitted to humans.

“If you look at past outbreaks and if it’s a new coronavirus, it must have come from an animal,” said Jonathan Ball, a virologist at the University of Nottingham.

The SARS virus was transmitted from an animal called the caveat to humans.

And the respiratory disease Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS), which has infected 2494 people since its emergence in 2012 and killed 858, was spread to humans by a generation of camels.


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