Waqar Younis: ‘Wahab Riaz and Mohammad Amir hurt Pakistan by decision not to play Test

Waqar Younis: 'Wahab Riaz and Mohammad Amir hurt Pakistan by decision not to play Test

PublicNews18: Waqar Younis: ‘Wahab Riaz and Mohammad Amir hurt Pakistan by decision not to play Test

Waqar Younis Pakistan cricket bowling coach  says fast bowlers Wahab Riaz and Mohammed Amir decided to not play Test cricket before the Australian tour, and they both lost to Pakistan by doing so. Were.

Waqar Younis said the young fast bowlers were included in the team because of his refusal.

Waqar Younis, like Misbah-ul-Haq, the head coach of the Pakistani cricket team, looks particularly rude on Wahab Riaz and Mohammad Amir decision not to play Tests.

He said that if Wahab Riaz and Mohammad Amir had not played Test cricket, they should have spoken to the cricket board regularly. Both of them left the team in trouble and their move has hurt Pakistan.

Waqarunis also mentioned in his talk that Twitter does not make important decisions on social media.

It is to be remembered that Mohammed Amir made a sarcastic tweet after his tour of Australia not to be selected in the T20 series against Sri Lanka, in which he said he had been punished for his decision not to play Tests. This tweet was deleted later.

Waqar Younis spoke to reporters via video link from Sydney, discussing the situation caused by Pakistani cricket and the Corona virus in particular.

Waqar Younis said, “In what format the player wants to play and not in what. There is nothing you can stop or ban about it, but at least the cricket board should know about it. ‘

“The player should take the board into confidence before making a decision and not make a sudden decision as Wahab Riaz and Mohammad Amir did. The decision to leave the test before the Australian tour was a big shock. ”

Waqar Younis was asked if Australian coach Justin Langer was talking about cricket and Kevin Patterson IPL at the closed stadium, is it possible? So Waqar Younis answer was that if things go back to normal in a couple of months then you can think of it, but for now, it’s all a matter of time.

Waqar Younis says that he had planned with head coach Misbah-ul-Haq that we would make full preparations for a visit to England in whatever time we have after the Bangladesh series.

“The visit to England was very important to us because the Pakistan team has been good during the last two tours and we wanted to do well this time as well, because the good performance in England increases the morale of the players and the extraordinary confidence in them. Is born If the Pakistani team cannot visit England, it will be very unfortunate. ”

Remember that the Pakistani team has to play three Tests and three T20 matches in England.



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