China : A bus in China is being cleared by UVC

China : A bus in China is being cleared by UVC

PublicNews18: A bus in China is being cleared by UVC..

As a result, a concentrated form of UVC is being used as the front row against Cod-19.

In China, the entire empty buses are spent every night with this blue light, while the robots are clearing the hospital floor while removing the UVC and banks are using this light to purge their currency notes. Are.

At the same time there has been record sales of UV equipment manufacturers, while many have increased production immediately to fulfill orders. Arnold says all of the UV light technology devices are outdated.

But there is also a caveat.

Arnold says, “UVC is a really scary thing, you should not fall into that. It takes hours to get sunburned from UVC, but with UVC it ​​gets in seconds.

If it falls into your eyes … Don’t know the gritty feeling that comes from seeing the sun. That’s 10 times more than that in a few seconds.

You need specific equipment and training to use UVC safely. The World Health Organization has issued a stern warning against the use of UV light to disinfect hands or other body parts.

Scientists have recently identified encouraging use of UVC, which is less dangerous to use, but is still effective against viruses and bacteria.

For-UVC is a smaller wavelength than regular UVC and so far experiments on human skin cells have revealed that it is not damaging their DNA. However, more research is needed right now.

But on the other hand, the bacteria and viruses are not coming down because they are so small that they do not have the light. One study found that rats wound up protecting the superbug from being infected with the RSA, while another study suggests it could kill flu viruses that hang in the air.

However, the UVC lamps found in the market do not use far-UVC and their experience has not yet been shown to real humans but to some of our cells and other animals kept in experimental dishes. So this kind of radiation may not work for you in the current epidemic


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