Corona Map: Where are COD-19 patients worldwide

Corona Map: Where are COD-19 patients worldwide

PublicNews18; Corona Map Where are COD-19 patients worldwide..

corona map, the number of people infected with covid-19 called corona virus is rapidly increasing.

It has been labeled a global epidemic by the World Health Organization and where the number of its new victims has now diminished in China, the United States has become its new hub.

So far the disease has spread to more than 185 countries of the world, affecting more than 14 million people and killing more than 82,000 people.

Use the following map to find out the number of Corona victims worldwide and which countries have been affected the most.

This offer is based on data snapshots from Johns Hopkins University and may not be updated.

A rumor about the Corona virus is circulating that you can avoid the virus by drinking too much water and keeping your mouth shut. BBC Futures reviewed the evidence in this regard.

At first a strange claim came out that cocaine cured Corona. When this lie spread so widely on social media, the French government had to issue a statement that this was not true. Then it was said that staying away from ice cream would save you from Corona, after which UNICEF had to say no. Finally, a very dangerous and false joke was revealed that corona can be killed by drinking bleach.

Although Corona’s outbreak came up a few months ago, there have been many ineffective jokes and online lies about it. One of these is that drinking water can help you to prevent infection. The following article explains why this cannot happen.

Early posts in this regard said that we should make sure that our mouth and throat are always there and that we should drink water every about 15 minutes. The logic in this was that with water the virus would get into your stomach and die from gastric acid there.

The epidemiologist at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, Kalpana Sabpathi, says, “It’s so simple that I don’t know how to describe it.”

She explains that we usually get infections when we have thousands or millions of viral particles. Getting some of them to the gut doesn’t matter.

‘One problem with this is that it is very unlikely that you will have all the particles in the water gut. By then they may have reached your nose like that. This method is not the right way. If the virus does not reach your respiratory tract, it can enter your body in many other ways.

Perhaps someone is affected by moving one of their fingers that has been infected with the virus near their mouth, then one may also be affected by fingering the eyes or nose. ‘



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