Jahangir Tareen and Imran Khan: Friends of power and are and friends of opposition

Jahangir Tareen and Imran Khan: Friends of power and are and friends of opposition

PublicNews18:  Jahangir Tareen Pathan and Imran Niazi Pathan. Although both are ethnic Pathans,

Jahangir Tareen and Imran Khan their families have lived in Punjab for centuries, so both are Punjabi Pathans.

Their father was a civil servant, so both of their childhoods would be almost identical. Tareen father Allah Nawaz was in the police and Imran  father was a civil engineer in the government department.

Both Tareen and Imran  first career was not politics, Tareen was a banker and Imran was a cricketer. Both later opted for a career in politics. They both began life as middle class citizens, then both earned wealth and entered the elite.

He was rich in industrialization and landlord while Imran earned only from cricket. Jahangir Khan Tareen cousin Humayun Akhtar Khan and his brother Makhdoom Ahmed Mehmood were already active in politics. Makhdoom Ahmed Mahmood drew Jahangir Tareen into politics.

Similarly, Imran Khan’s cousin and brother-in-law Hafizullah Niazi were the hottest students in the Islamic Jamaat.

After a long list of commonalities, we now turn to the contradictions of the two. Imran Khan never did business and instead of making money after cricket, he took on the task of welfare and with each passing day he became associated with the spiritual world rather than the material world.

Jahangir Khan, on the other hand, went from one place to another in the material world, one after the other, and the other after industry, in the agriculture, the flags of success. When Khan and Khan were together in politics, they became a scary and dangerous ‘couple’.

Imran Khan led the flag of morality and Jahangir Khan practiced pragmatism and put his hands on election horses. Imran Khan used to stand on the stage and take political strides and break into political opponents in the darkest night of Jahangir.

Imran Khan has filed cases in court against the PML-N and filed the files for these cases against Jahangir Khan Tareen, so that the dangerous couple rejected anti-politics.

The path to political, judicial and legal victory of PTI was made possible only by the joint team of the two. In an interview yesterday after the report of the Chinese scandal, Jahangir Khan Tareen said that he and Imran Khan were no longer close friends but that their friendship would have been very deep till a few years ago.

So deep that Imran Khan used to consult even the most on his private affairs. Reham Khan revealed in his book and interview that Imran Khan was consulting the tallest on my divorce, that I listened to myself and even opened the door and told him that I had listened to your words afterwards. Khan Tareen also admitted that this was true.

Jahangir Khan Tareen party and Bani Gala had a full ‘hold’ on private affairs as well as political matters. Who has to go up and who will end up in PTI depends entirely on Jahangir Khan Tareen strategy.

Before the election, the Bani Gala was in full control of Aun Chowdhury, Punjab Aleem Khan and Pakhtunkhwa Pervez Khattak and all three were in the fist of Jahangir Tareen, but then things started to change.

The history of the centuries is witness to the friends of power and the friends of the opposition. This is exactly what happened to Jahangir Tareen. The apex court decided to disqualify him from politics and enable Imran Khan to take a pragmatic political transaction on which no one, including PTI, could lift his finger and thus began his journey towards the slopes of No.2.

Imran was married to Bishop Vatu before he took power, and soon after receiving power, Aun Chaudhry was discharged from Bani Gala. Aleem Khan took Imran and his Begum on his charter plane for Umrah, but what happened there was that Alam Khan could not be seen in Begum’s eyes and then they too went away.

Pervez Khattak could not become Chief Minister again, becoming federal minister but still among the undesirable. Within a few months of power, the nearest constituency of Jahangir Tareen was removed or removed from Imran.

Distance between Tareen and Imran started to increase, but whenever there was a big deal, there was talk of dialogue or unity with a party, Jahangir Tareen was called. But then the breaks increased.

Meanwhile, Imran new kitchen cabinet became the principal secretaries of the cabinet. Thus, Jahangir Tareen living influence was further reduced.

After receiving power, the Prime Minister has an eye and ear intelligence bureau known as the IB in common. The head of the IB meets the Prime Minister almost every day or gives a briefing to the Prime Minister’s Principal Principal Secretary on a daily domestic and political situation. Azam Khan appointed his friend and a capable police officer, Muhammad Salman Khan, as the head of the IB.


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