Strategies to keep cricketers in check

Strategies to keep cricketers in check

PublicNews18: Lahore National cricketers tactics have been started in Lockdown as PCB plans to “test” an online “limited to 200 players” at home.

Due to lockdowns across the country, players will be limited to home-based fitness tests in a unique way. had gone.

In a message sent by Head Coach and Chief Selector Misbah-ul-Haq and trainer Yasser Malik a week ago, the players were instructed that a program was created keeping in view the lockdown problems and limited resources. This is an equal opportunity for everyone to train, you have to make sure you are trying 100% for fitness, work hard while maintaining discipline, also informed online video calling method Will go..

According to sources, the plan has been finalized and finalized. Fitness tests of 200 cricketers will be held on April 20 and 21. Yasir Malik will complete the process of testing 19 Central Contracting cricketers, keeping domestic contract. Fitness provincial trainers will have to check, during test indoor exercises including time sets, push ups, stops, pickups, try to prove that there is not much deterioration in fitness at home, Corona virus Regular and complete physical fitness tests will be conducted in June after the difficult conditions arise, including gym, UV , Including all one-kilometer running, will be taken into consideration.

It may be recalled that head coach and chief selector Misbah-ul-Haq had also instructed all cricketers in a video conference with reporters yesterday not to fall prey to fitness, with a focus on their fitness as soon as possible. And restore cricket activities All players look ready to get on the field, so the PCB has adopted a strict policy regarding fitness, the salary of national and domestic cricketers who do not meet the criteria. The contract can also be terminated if I am not deducted and improved.

This year’s fifth fitness tests were scheduled for March 23 and 24 for the Yummi and domestic cricketers, but they had to be postponed due to the Corona virus, which is being tried through some sort of online test.

The next test of the Pakistan team will now be in matches from Holland and Ireland in July. I see the Pakistan team’s visit in jeopardy



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