Sunlight :Sunlight is the solution of Corona Virus

Sunlight :Sunlight is the solution of Corona Virus

PublicNews18: Sunlight is the solution of Corona Virus..

Sunlight The UVA and UVB can work and if yes, that means you can disinfect them by keeping things in the sun outside.

The short answer is that maybe, but you can’t count on it.

Sunlight is already a popular way of sterilizing water in developing countries, which has been suggested by the World Health Organization. Its method is to pour the water into a clean glass or plastic bottle and leave it exposed to sunlight for five to six hours.

Sunlight UVA is believed to combine with dissolved oxygen to oxidize oxygen, an active ingredient in common household disinfectants that can kill pathogens or pathogenic pathogens.

Even without water, sunlight disinfects the surfaces, but it can take longer.

But the problem is that we do not know how long it will take, because it is premature to say anything about the many studies done on the Corona virus.

Research on CARS-19, a close relative of SARS, revealed that keeping the virus under UVA for 15 minutes does not reveal how infectious it is. However, the study did not look for long periods under the UVA or UVB, which is said to be more dangerous to genetic material.

Instead, the virus gives some signs. Just look at the flu. When scientists analyzed hospitalists in Brazil, they found that flu cases became more prevalent in the wood burning season.

At this time, forest fumes cause more smoke in the atmosphere and this causes the UV light from the sun to become lighter.

Another study says that the more flu particles remain in the sun and the more concentrated (concentrated) the chances of infection are. I wish this study had looked at the effects of the flu in dry places.

All of which means that disinfecting with sunlight is extremely annoying.

At first no one knows how long or how long it takes for the Cod-19 to be activated by sunlight.

And even if it is detected, the amount of UV in the sunlight, the time of day, the weather, the blood of the year and where you live in the world, especially in terms of letters, keeps increasing. So this cannot be a reliable way to kill a virus.

Finally, needless to say, disinfecting your skin with any kind of UV can damage your skin and increase your chances of developing skin cancer.

And once you have a virus in your body, no amount of UV should be used.


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