Corona Virus: Drugs, Masks, and Charges Promoting Conflict Worldwide

Corona Virus: Drugs, Masks, and Charges Promoting Conflict Worldwide

PublicNews18: Corona Virus Drugs Masks, and Charges Promoting Conflict Worldwide..

Spain is one of the countries most affected by the Corona virus. And there is a dire need for medicines and medical devices due to Corona’s growing victims, especially in the areas where the highest number of Cod 19 patients has surfaced.

But all efforts to obtain these medical devices as soon as possible have become the scene of a dispute with the Turkish government. Because the cargo ship containing hundreds of N95 masks, purchased by the health departments of Spain’s three regions, was stopped by the Turkish government.

Local media in Spain have cited local sources as “theft” in view of current conditions.

However, after about a week of talks by the Spanish Foreign Ministry, Spain has managed to get the goods. But this is just one example of the conflicts that have been exacerbated by the Corona virus worldwide.

It is true that the literal war between the United States and China is gaining attention, especially when US President Donald Trump threatens to cut off aid to the World Health Organization by saying that the organization shows ‘bias toward sugar’.

But there are sparks elsewhere, and every time China does not have to be involved, it is accused of hiding the truth about the Corona virus and reducing the number of victims.

Sofia Gaston, a political and social researcher at the London School of Economics Institute for Global Affairs, told the BBC: “In fact, it should have been that all the countries of the world came close to each other at a time when we were all They are fighting against the same enemy. But in fact, this is not the case, we are seeing all countries competing with each other instead of helping each other. ‘

An example of this is the tension between EU countries.



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