Kamer zaman: Pakistan Squash sorcerer playing beautiful strokes

Kamer zaman: Pakistan Squash sorcerer playing beautiful strokes

PublicNews18: kamer zaman Pakistan Squash sorcerer playing beautiful strokes..

In the history of Pakistani squash where I get to hear the glory of Jahangir Khan and the glory of Hashim Khan, Azam Khan, Roshan Khan and Mohibullah Khan senior era and then in the case of Jan Sher Khan, another great player becomes part of history. In this case, the major ones appear with their own unique identity.

Born in Quetta on April 11, 1952, Qamar Zaman was the world number one in his career, and when Jahangir Khan came, he retained the second position in the world ranking for eleven years.

From Hashim Khan to Mohibullah Senior, Pakistan won the British Open for 13 consecutive years, but then came a long break of twelve years.

The stagnation was broken when they defeated Jeff Hunt, Directe Jahan and Gogi Alauddin, at the British Open in 1975.

Their game was amazing.

Qamar Zaman certainly did not win as many tournaments as Jahangir Khan, nor was he as super-fit as Jan Sher Khan, but the thing that made him different from others was his beautiful strokes.

In an interview with Hashim Khan, Hashim Khan said that the attractiveness of his game attracted everyone.

Roshan Khan named Qamar Zaman as the best player of the seventies.

Australian athlete Chris Ditmar says the Qamar zman was a beautiful gift given to the game, as evidenced by the squash court galleries that were filled with spectators during the Kamar zman game.

Jonah Barrington thinks the gentleman was amazing at playing his strokes with equal skill from every angle.

Qamar Zaman childhood friend and guide to playing international squash with him, where he believed Qamar Zaman was a magician.

He said playing against Qamar had to be calm as his strokes forced his rivals to run the court all the time and playing forty-five minutes against him was like playing two hours with another player. ۔

The background of the drop shots of kamar zaman is particularly interesting. His father’s finances were not such that he could afford to spend the day with them, so the villagers used to bring home the damaged or torn balls of the members of the Quetta club, which his mother used to stitch.

They could not hit the balls so fast they played slowly but that is why the habit of playing drop shots became so strong that they became recognized in international squash.

His mentor and uncle Aftab Javed used to be very upset with Kamran zman’s habit of playing free strokes, saying he was careful in that regard, but Kamdarzani listened to Sunni and did not refrain from playing strokes.


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