Rapid increase in Corona victims in Italy

Rapid increase in Corona victims in Italy

PublicNews18: Rapid increase in Corona victims in Italy..

When the number of Corona victims increased sharply in Italy, it sought help from its neighbors to supply medicines and other medical devices, but both Germany and France banned the export of these goods. Is.

“Of course, this is not a good example of European solidarity,” Italian Ambassador to Belgium Maurizio Messari wrote on the website Politico.

Italy too was not impressed with Germany’s strategy of taking another war. Germany was also one of the countries that opposed the proposal to declare aid to the most affected European countries during the outbreak.

The Netherlands, Austria and Finland also publicly opposed the project, while Spain, France, Belgium, Greece, Ireland, Portugal, Slovenia and Luxembourg supported the scheme. Which highlighted further division in the European Union.

European countries have now agreed to an emergency package of 500 billion euros to help countries affected by the outbreak.

China has given all help to control the disease in several countries of the world, including Russia, by controlling the corona virus in their country. Italy also received help from China in the form of a task force of Chinese doctors for medicines and equipment, test kits and disease control strategies.

Originally on Italian social media, the Italian language hashtag ‘Grizzi Sena’, which means Thanksgiving China, has also been trending.

Gizo Antonio Baez, head of a consultancy firm in London based Pax Tecum, which specializes in diplomatic and global affairs, says President Trump’s “first United States” policy has more since he came to power in 2016. And China is taking advantage of the US vacating the world on the horizon.

Whatever the case, Washington’s position has not been a compromise.

In addition to the conflict with China, when President Trump tried to gain exclusive rights to the Cod-19 vaccine developed by a German medical company, he provoked German officials.

Recently, US President Trump threatened severe consequences on India’s decision to ban the export of hydrochloroquine, a drug used to treat malaria.

Be aware that this drug is being tested for treatment against Cod-19.



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