Kushal Vikas flirted with Katrina Kaif in front of Salman Khan, ‘brother John’ reacted

Vikas Kushal flirted with Katrina Kaif in front of Salman Khan, 'brother John' reacted

PublicNews18: ¬†Kushal Vikas flirted with Katrina Kaif in front of Salman Khan, ‘brother John’ reacted..

Salman Khan is the Bollywood actor known for his sublingual style. Despite being overbearing, Brother John never believes in thinking. They say what they feel like right now. Following his style, Salman Khan is back in the headlines. There is a video going viral on social media these days in which actor Vikas Kushal Katarina is seen flirting openly with Kiev. But while Vicki was filtering it, there was Salman Khan in front. Those who reacted to this romantic style of Wiki in their own stupid way..

Idols There has been plenty of news for the past few years about dating a couple of Wiki Leaks and Katrina Kaif. This video is about an award function going viral. Here are the words on the stage talking to Vicky Katrina. Why can’t you find a good wiki guy and marry him? Vicky said, “If the wedding season is going on, I thought I would meet you too.” will you marry me’.
As soon as Salman was seen laughing at the wiki filter in the video, as soon as he heard of Vicki’s wedding, he was sitting in the armpit, pretending to sleep on his sister Arpita shoulder.

Vicky and Katrina have been making headlines for some time now due to the news of their affair. While Katrina is single after the breakup with Ranbir Kapoor, Vicki has also been separated from her old girlfriend Harleen Sethi. News of such smoke proximity has been constantly reported..


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