Saba Qamar fears her phone may be hacked

Saba Qamar fears her phone may be hacked

PublicNews18: Saba Qamar fears her phone may be hacked..

KARACHI: A social media message has emerged from TV and film’s leading actress Saba Qamar, claiming that a fake phone number is misleading people.

Saba Qamar  certified account manager, Mashal Cheema, informed the people about the video chat application called House Party, that accessing number hackers using this app is not only possible but also easy.

In one of his detailed posts, he said that he received numerous calls from Saba Qamar number, in which a young boy calling repeatedly asked if he was a drunkard. Mashal said that the caller on the phone told them that Saba  phone was found in the park without any locks where Saba came for jogging.

The hacker disconnected the call after asking repeatedly, immediately when he phoned Saba and asked where he was, he informed that he was at home, he was shocked when he told Saba about the fake call. Here’s how this can be done.

Mashal expressed skepticism, writing that he suspected that Saba phone was hacked because of a popular house party app. He also said that most cases related to phone hacking are currently under control.

He told fans that all is normal so far, if any such situation is encountered in the future, it will be naughty for the hackers. They have to be careful and safe for the users who use the app mentioned in their Instagram story. Also advised.


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