bollywood stars are coming forward to help lockdown

bollywood stars are coming forward to help lockdown

PublicNews18: bollywood stars are coming forward to help lockdown..

Deepika Padukone told journalist Rajiv Masind in a recent interview: ‘The best part was that we did not leave Mumbai. We were not stuck anywhere else. I know some people who had just a few days to finish filming the film. ‘

The always-busy movie stars have suddenly come a long way.

Their social media accounts give a glimpse of how they are spending free time in their homes.

Stars like Deepika Padukone and Katrina Kaif have begun to showcase their abilities in household chores like cooking, washing dishes.

On the other hand, stars like Aaliyah Bhatt and Rattik Roshan are learning new things.

However, some stars are also being criticized for not understanding the seriousness of the situation and for insensitive behavior.

Director Farrah Khan joked on some friends in an Instagram video post that if she didn’t stop making exercise videos, she would follow them.

“I can understand that you are a prosperous people and in this world struggling with the epidemic, you have nothing to worry about,” Farah Khan said. But many of us have even more problems during this crisis. ‘

Some actors have taken to social media to explain the importance of social distance to their fans.

Karthik Aryan, the actor of ‘Love Panchnama’, has appealed to people to stay home through a comedy video. It has been viewed more than a million times on Instagram.

Many Bollywood people are reaching out to help themselves. Akshay Kumar and Anushka Sharma have donated to PM Modi PM Care Fund.

Producer’s Guild of India has set up a fund to help people in the film industry on a daily wage for which Bollywood stars have also contributed.

Amid fears of a lockdown, filmmakers have begun to signal major changes in how the film industry will operate in the future.

Filmmaker Kiran Johar was about to shoot his upcoming film ‘Takht’ this April. His team had also begun a set-up in Europe.

Talking to Rajiv Masand, Kiran Johar said that he was uncertain about the future. They said, ‘We were shooting in Italy. We were shooting in Spain. We worked hard for that for two years. But this is not a big deal for anyone today. That’s what happens. ‘

Kiran Johar is one of the most powerful film producers in the country. He has two films ready for release and seven other films in production.

“This is just a case of dharma production. This is the case with every studio of every company. We do not know when things will come back to normal.

Experts in the film world say that the films that have been released can be harmed whenever they are released on screen.

But Kabir Khan’s hopes remain intact. He says that Bollywood will recover in four months.

The Bollywood star and director both understand that the problems of the poor are nothing to worry about.

Actor WikiKoshal says watching the news has become a heartbreaking experience. But he hopes his fans are cautious and responsible.


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