The Corona virus is a political issue, not a health issue

The Corona virus is a political issue, not a health issue

PublicNews18: the Corona virus is a political issue, not a health issue

Author and historian Yuval Noah Harri says that the crisis caused by the Corona virus is not health but international politics.

Talking to the BBC, he said that the decisions we are making today will have an impact on our lives in the years to come.

An Israeli writer and historian who is also the author of a book on human history, entitled “Sapiens: A Brief History of Mankind,” says that decisions are being made today to tackle the Corona virus epidemic. That will have an impact on our lives for many years to come.

What kind of society will be born after the outbreak? Will the nations become more united or will they be far apart?

Will citizen surveillance and police systems be used to protect or oppress them?

Speaking on BBC TV’s News Hour, Harry said, “This crisis is forcing us to make big decisions very quickly. But we have ‘options’ or different routes.

He said: “The two elements are very important whether we as a nation face this crisis alone or do we face it with global cooperation and solidarity.

“Second, at the national level, we do it in an absolute and coercive manner and strict surveillance methods to overcome it, or we do social cohesion and empowering citizens.”

Harry says the questions that have arisen from the global outbreak of the Corona virus are both scientific and political.

Efforts are being made to find answers to scientific questions, but there is not much consideration given to how political questions should react.

He said that in the Middle Ages when plague was a disease, people were dying but no one knew why they were dying and what could be done about it.

Chinese scientists have identified and sequestered Sars-CoV-2, and many other countries are also researching it.

No cure for Cod 19 has been discovered yet, but researchers are committed to modernizing its vaccine with advanced medical technology and epilepsy.

“We know the precautionary measures of hand washing and social distance can prevent the spread of the corona virus,” he said.

Harry added, “We know who our competition is and what technology and financial resources we have to deal with it.”

“The question is how do we use those capabilities and it’s basically a political question



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