Ehsan mani: Trade deals are the biggest challenge right now

Ehsan mani: Trade deals are the biggest challenge right now

PublicNews18: Ehsan mani Trade deals are the biggest challenge right now

Pakistan Cricket Board Chairman Ehsan Mani has assured Pakistani cricketers that their financial interests will be taken care of and there will be no extraordinary deduction.

This stance of kindness has come at a time when sports activities around the world have been suspended due to the Corona virus, and leading football clubs in many countries are facing financial challenges. To overcome this challenge, the clubs have asked their officials and players to accept deductions in their salaries and expenses.

Ehsan Mani said in an interview on Tuesday that players are the biggest stakeholders in Pakistani cricket and he assures them that as much as possible the cricket board will take care of them and no extraordinary cuts will be made. ۔

As far as performance-based contracts are not in their hands. It is the job of the selectors to indicate which contract should be awarded to which cricketer.

Ehsan Mani said that like the cricketers, the staff of the Pakistan Cricket Board will be treated and no one will be separated from the job other than the usual changes.

As far as the usual changes are concerned, they continue because the management of the Pakistan Cricket Board is being restructured.

Ehsan Mani has said that as many retired international cricketers are getting pensions, the players who are playing domestic cricket will not change their contracts.

Ehsan Mani says his main aim at the moment is to protect the players and their staff because without the players and staff we are nothing.

If a former Test cricketer is under pressure, he should contact the Pakistan Cricket Board. In recent years, we have financed the cricketers suffering from health problems and will do so in the future.

Ehsan Mani has said that if the costs were to be deducted, they would be done.

Chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board, Ehsan Mani, said that at present the media rights agreement of Pakistan’s bilateral series is the most important.

The contract is now over and in the period from now until 2023, Australia, New Zealand and England have to travel to Pakistan and there are matches from South Africa, but the biggest challenge right now. Wondering how to market it.

Ehsan Mani cited the example of broadcasters in England, saying that he too was going through a tragic situation and he was under a lot of pressure.

All the broadcasters in the sports industry will be under considerable economic pressure because of the current situation and they may not be able to give as much money as they had before to the Pakistan Cricket Board.

Thinking about finding an alternative route to this situation.

He said that the Pakistan Cricket Board’s sponsorship agreement with the company is coming to an end next year, so renewal of all these agreements will definitely require both the Pakistan Cricket Board and the sponsors to reassure when cricket is in Pakistan again. Will begin to show flexibility in this regard.

Ehsan Mani says cricket in the empty stadium is not the solution to the current situation as it is not limited to playing only in the empty stadium.

Team travel, using local transport and staying in hotels will all have to look at these issues and most importantly, where cricket is possible in the world, it is not on anyone’s bus.

He said he would like to work with the England Cricket Board. If the England Cricket Board requests that you come and play with us while they are playing with another country, then it is possible to have Test cricket running on one side as well as limited overs cricket. Is.

Ehsan Mani says that if you do not play with India, the financial loss is definitely a lot but the Pakistan Cricket Board is not thinking about it and it is planned in a way that is not.

“If India is not playing, we have to continue our cricket without it. You cannot trust India because he promised to play Pakistan two or three times but did not comply. ‘


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