Indians in India are upset with Pakistani artists making connections through social media

Indians in India are upset with Pakistani artists making connections through social media

PublicNews18: Why Indians in India are upset with Pakistani artists making connections through social media..

Due to the lockdown in Pakistan and India, not only the common people have been confined to their homes, but after the situation arising out of the spread of the corona virus, the movie stars, singers and other celebrity celebrities are also forced to keep social media.

In this case live video chat has bridged the borders and social media users are watching and listening to the interaction of artists from both countries. These days, artists like Pakistan and India discuss the issues of mutual interest as ordinary citizens, entertaining their fans who are bored in the isolation of their own homes.

But a film industry organization in India is not happy that showbiz personalities in India are engaged in happy dialogue with the Pakistanis and have warned Indian artists against it.

A ‘warning’ has been issued to all musicians, singers, artists and technicians in the country by the Federation of Western India Cine Employees, a representative organization of the Indian film industry.

It said that “despite the organization’s knowledge of the directive not to work in any way with the people associated with showbiz in Pakistan, some members are continuing to work with Pakistani singers and artists.”

The organization has said that they have learned to do an online concert with Pakistani singer Rahat Fateh Ali Khan in collaboration with the people of the entertainment industry in India, and it is learned that in the future it will be expanded. Has also been planned, which is against the direction of the organization.

According to Indian media, the warning came after a joint online concert by Pakistani fashion singer Vijay Arora and Indian singer Sushil singer Harsh Deep Kaur Pakistani singer Rahat Fateh Ali Khan.

However, the warning can also have an impact on the activities of the people of Pakistan and India on the basis of human empathy in the environment of the outbreak through social interaction.

The organization’s directive also states that “we must also keep in mind that while the whole world is fighting against the Corona virus, on the other hand, Indian soldiers are being killed on the borders by Pakistan.”

The Salman Sufi Foundation, a non-governmental social and human rights organization in Pakistan, launched a series from #LetsTalk in the past in which people and families confined to homes due to the Corona virus suffer from potential mental problems. Online live chat sessions were organized to avoid

Salman Sufi, the founder of the organization, told the BBC that the online program, launched by the Foundation, is a place for troubled people to interact with each other.

Where the general public knows about the mental problems and other problems faced by influential and important personalities, and they have the courage to confront and solve these problems.

In the online sessions, she is a prominent figure from both Pakistan and India.

India’s leading filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt participated in the online session before the Foundation as a guest with his daughter Shaheen Bhat, who is also the author of a book on mental issues.


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