faisal edhi donates to Corona Relief Fund, echoes questions on social media

Faisal Edhi donates to Corona Relief Fund, echoes questions on social media

PublicNews18: Faisal Edhi donates to Corona Relief Fund, echoes questions on social media

When the provincial governments decided to lock down after the outbreak of the Corona virus outbreak in Pakistan, Prime Minister Imran Khan repeatedly called attention to the problems of the poor and said that they would face problems.

In this regard, he appealed to the international community and donors to help, and the Prime Minister started the Corona Relief Fund and requested a few from the nation.

In this case, Faisal Edhi, the head of Pakistan’s largest charity, Edhi Foundation, also commented on Prime Minister Imran Khan and recently handed over a check of Rs 1 crore to Imran Khan in his relief fund.

This meeting created a new debate when the picture began to circulate on social media.

Consumers began to ask if an organization that the public trusts, can voluntarily spend that money anywhere? Whether or not the donor’s will is included in the donation?

Seeing what started here, Twitter has become a top trend.

Expressing his grief, another Twitter user Iftikhar Ahmed wrote

“If the money donated is what the people gave to the Edhi Foundation, then it would not be right for Edhi Sahib to give the people money to Imran Khan. People trust in Edhi.” But no, because if that were the case, they would have sent the money directly to the Prime Minister. This is not fair with the direct donors. ”

Another user asked, ‘Is it good for a charity to donate to the government? Isn’t it the money they use to do it their way? Actually I’m worried. Never thought it would be time to see it. ‘

To answer the growing questions of the public on social media, the BBC spoke to Faisal Edhi, who said that the money he had donated to prevent Corona was guaranteed by the government. He is also taking steps to help the government.

He said, “I have not given anything to Imran Khan on personal basis but to the government of Pakistan. Do nothing that the government can do to prevent Corona.

He said that after giving a donation to the Prime Minister, he was sending a message to those who were unaware that it was time to come together on one page and work together.

“By criticizing each other, fighting will not help Corona’s victims but will hurt them. The government and the opposition must all come together to fight the Corona. ”

Earlier, criticizing social media, a Twitter user, Dr Mansoor Klasra, wrote, “Instead of receiving a check from Faisal Edhi, Imran Khan should have handed over the donations collected so far to the Edhi Center so that he could get ahead of the needy.” I distribute it, because Edhi Trust is not only a viable and effective organization but also a responsible institute. ‘

Asma, another user, says, “I think Faisal is receiving from Edhi Imran Khan. But no, in fact he is donating the money to the PM Corona fund which people have given to him by trusting the Edhi Foundation.”

While there has been much criticism on social media, there has also been praise for this work. Step by step is admirable. ‘





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