I am a very sensitive girl on the boy type actress Sonia Hussain

I am a very sensitive girl on the boy type actress Sonia Hussain

PublicNews18: I am a very sensitive girl on the boy type actress Sonia Hussain

Pakistani actress Sonia Hussain, who captivated the fans by her lively performance in an innocent manner, is now dominating the drama industry of Pakistan.
Actress Sonia Hussain says, “Loving each other is more important than marriage and when you feel that there is someone standing by you, it feels great. I was in a similar relationship and that relationship was very good. We used to like each other very much but that relationship ended.
He says, “If there is such a crowd in someone’s heart that if you don’t come out yourself, then you should be kicked out. It is better that you go out on your own, then I did the same.”

In an interview with PublicNews18, Sonia Hussain said

I am a very sensitive girl on the boy type actress Sonia Hussain“In my opinion, loyalty is more important than wealth in any relationship. If that doesn’t happen, it’s still a way to get more involved with the community. ”

The actress added, “In Pakistan, you are associated with others more than your own identity. When I came to showbiz, people used to call me like Indian actress Divya Bharti. They also meet Priyanka Chopra.
In response to a question, Sonia Hussain said, “I have worked in both films and dramas but as an actress I would say that there is a big difference between working on small and big screens. In dramas, stories are filtered and in movies, you have complete freedom to show everything properly.

“As an audience, when I sit down to watch Pakistani movies, I go out and sit in the cinema with the same impression, I can’t cry or laugh. The feeling in the film is not what it should be.
Sonia Hussain says, “When our director comes to make a film, he gets a little confused. He thinks that maybe we are making something that has come down from the sky. This is what happens to films like dramas.” If it is done, maybe our films will be good and run.

I did films like ‘Moore’ and ‘Freedom’, both different and different from each other. We don’t do homework on characters, if films like ‘Perfume’ and ‘Blindness’ are made, I will definitely do it.
Sonia Hussain said, “I didn’t do much comedy but humor is definitely an aspect of my personality. I have done a few comedy roles that people have appreciated but it seems that I am preferred in serious roles.Talking about his role and story in the drama serial ‘Ishq Zahe Naseeb’, he said that the entire team of ‘Ashq Zahe Naseeb’ as a whole was not expecting such a reception that this drama got because everyone knows that today


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