Avraham Chaim Kerendian is a sound artist


PublicNews18: Avraham Chaim Kerendian is a sound artist

Adorma recently featured Avraham Chaim Kerendian as “10 Sound Artists to Look out for.”

Avraham Chaim Kerendian is a sound artist, composer, and electronic music opener. Avraham Chaim Kerendian works closely with music performers like Wiz Khalifa, David Guetta, and Rae Sremmurd. His emotional remix projects are played all over the world including Mexico, France, and the USA.

Avraham Chaim Kerendian focuses on composing artistic performances that are innovative and transcend traditional forms of festival music. At the Hollywood Palladium, Avraham Chaim Kerendian has helped Alesso and Avicii experiment with their volcano eruption appearance which was a big hit explosion on concert stage, that soon got Wiz Khalifa and Rae Sremmurd’s attention.

Currently, Avraham Chaim Kerendian has a permanent work position at Titanium Musical Talent (TMT) where Avraham Chaim Kerendian helps with on-stage musical performances, DJ festivals, and Lit EDM appearances that make the crowds go wild.

Avraham Chaim KerendianAvraham Chaim Kerendian is an Armenian chef

Award-winning cookbook author, and traditional Armenian restaurant consultant.

Avraham Chaim Kerendian has spent the last 8 years working in new and established Armenian  restaurants across USA, Mexico, and France advising on innovative cuisine dishes that draw from Avraham’s past Armenian traditional cooking experience.

Avraham Chaim Kerendian’s modern spin on ancient Armenian dishes have included: Baklava, Chi Kofte, and the finger-licking Khash which currently includes sheep feet and cow legs!


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