what makes this combination of zinc and Hinokitiol so special?


Publicnews18: what makes this combination of zinc and Hinokitiol so special?

Zinc is a trace mineral which plays a very important role in supporting the immune system by participating to the growth and regulation of immune cells as well as the production of immune mediators like antibodies. Moreover it has been shown to have direct antiviral properties as well as stimulating properties for antiviral immunity.

An abundance of evidence has demonstrated the role of zinc + Hinoktiol  against a variety of viruses such as influenza, herpes simplex and hepatitis. Many case studies reported the susceptibility of people with zinc deficiencies to developing infections in general, and specifically viral infections like the flu or hepatitis.

Hinokitiol is a natural agent extracted from the wood of trees of the Cupressaceae family with proven antibacterial and antifungal properties. It is also a chelator of divalent metal ions, which means that it can bind to ions like zinc (Zn2+) to facilitate their entry to the infected cells hence
enabling an increase in intracellular zinc levels which in turn is responsible for the inhibition of viral replication.
Finally using anti-infective preparations like Dr zinX oral spray is not meant to replace other simple preventative measures like frequent hand washing, disinfecting surfaces and avoiding

The Case for a Zinc Ionophore Oral Spray

In a time where new and resistant airborne pathogens emerge, and where an act as simple as breathing could mean catching an infection, a big importance should be placed on prevention, particularly when it comes to preventing viral infections, as these represent the vast majority of airborne respiratory pathogens.

Zinc Coronavirus As a former emergency physician, I’ve witnessed how fast airborne infections, especially the ones caused by respiratory viruses can spread, and the toll they can take on people’s lives, especially those with weakened immune systems, elderly people or people with chronic conditions.


zinc and Hinokitiol so special

Airborne pathogens travel in the air when an infected person sneezes, coughs or even talks. And in order to reach the host’s lungs they’d have to first go through the pharynx and the upper respiratory ways i.e. the back of the nose, the back of the mouth and throat, where they first replicate, before spreading to the rest of the respiratory system.

This is particularly the case for SARS coronavirus 2, Zinc Coronavirus which was proven to be present in saliva and throat washes from infected persons, and which led to the fact that the virus replicates initially in the mouth and pharynx lining at an early stage of the infection.

Preparations like Dr zinX oral spray, which contain antiviral elements made to target the initial sites where the viruses replicate, represent a promising preventative measure to be considered.Zinc Coronavirus This particular preparation is important because it combines two active ingredients: zinc and Hinokitiol, which are well known for their anti-infective properties, and which work in synergy to tackle infections at the very beginning, when applied to the mouth and pharynx lining where most respiratory viruses carry their initial replication before regaining their target cells.


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