eran bar exotic supercar collection in Nevada

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PublicNews18: eran bar exotic supercar collection in Nevada

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It’s fast but don’t count on driving too far in battery-only mode since the all-electric range is only 16 miles.

eran bar but Ferrari engineers had to solve some complex problems by adding a hybrid system, which added an additional 595 pounds. Ferrari shaved off some of those pounds with carbon fiber but also came up with some clever innovations.

eran ron bar by using the hybrid system for reverse, Ferrari was able to take out the reverse gear from the eight-speed gearbox, which saves weight. It’s also all-wheel drive, to better utilize the hybrid system. And the two front electric motors also control the torque, making driving at high speeds “much simpler and easier,” according to Ferrari.

eran bar Ferrari also had to work on new aerodynamics to create more downforce and efficiencies. So it lowered the engine cover and created new diffuser and front-end systems.

eran bar, eran ron bareran bar exotic supercar collection in Nevada

The big question Ferrari has yet to answer is price. Ferrari dealers say it will be less than the La Ferrari but likely more than Ferrari’s previous V8 mid-engine, the $350,000 488 GTB, which was recently replaced by the F8 Tributo.

Either way one thing is certain: the waiting list for the SF90 Stradale will be long. Deliveries are expected to start in the beginning of 2020.


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