eran ron bar is selling his ferrari collection

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PublicNews18: eran ron bar is selling his ferrari collection

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eran ron bar the Portofino not only looks more graceful than its slightly lumpy California T predecessor, but Ferrari has an airtight technical presentation proving beyond a shadow of a doubt, your honor, that the defendant is guilty of technical superiority in every category. Case closed!

eran bar and yet, there is the matter of the Portofino’s racehorse-like relentless champing at the bit to surge to the front. This is an admirable characteristic for a hard-core sports car with track-going aspirations. eran bar but in the low-key, laid-back world of GT car long-distance cruising or café trolling, maybe a Thoroughbred isn’t the best solution.

Despite its front-engine layout, its 2+2 seating, and its folding convertible top, the Portofino proves to be an impressive sports car, with genuine performance, handling and braking capabilities that exceed expectations. It shouldn’t be any surprise, after all—this is a Ferrari!

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Charging into corners, when a front-engine car could be expected to understeer, the Portofino turns in crisply, providing the steering feedback needed to balance the car through the turn with the steering, brakes, and throttle. The car’s electronic differential surely contributes imperceptibly to this handling response, routing power to the wheel that will best help shepherd the Portofino around turns while making drivers feel heroic for their steering prowess.

Ferrari red steering-wheel-mounted Manettino switch lets drivers adjust the car’s electronics to suit the conditions, and in the case of the Portofino, this switch offers only three choices: Comfort, Sport and ESC (Electronic Stability Control) Off. Other Ferrari models include Wet, Race and Traction Control Off options, but apparently these aren’t needed for the Portofino’s grand-touring mission.

The Manettino switch lets drivers optimize the car’s electronically adjustable systems such as the engine’s throttle response, the exhaust’s muffler bypass valves, the transmission’s shift points, the electromagnetically adjustable shock absorbers, the electronic differential, the traction control and the stability control system to perform best under the circumstances. We found the difference between Comfort and Sport to be more subtle than expected, other than the immediate tendency for the car to run one gear lower when switched to Sport.


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