Jubilee Ace Bobby Sports Academy is an exclusive 24/7 sports & fitness club

Jubilee Ace Bobby

Jubilee Ace Bobby Sports Academy launched in 2019, focusing on helping expats achieve their fitness goals. It is a 24/7/365 sports and fitness club situated in Singapore is soon opening its doors in New York, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas. The goal of this sports academy is to provide expats with a premium one-stop health and fitness club, a place they can call home away from home. It promises to give guidance and support throughout your fitness journey.


“We only offer the best of the best facilities. We make sure that all our equipment is top of the line, whether it’s free weights or the cardio machines. We also have an Olympic size pool, which can cater to those who are looking to swim and get a full-body workout. We also offer yoga sessions, so expats can relax and center their busy minds. For those who don’t like going to the gym, we have facilities for badminton, futsal, squash, and tennis, ”says Bobby Low, Founder of Jubilee Ace Sports Academy.

Jubilee Ace Bobby

This is a high-end sports academy where members and future members can reach their maximum potential in health and fitness and recover from their busy daily lives. Jubilee Ace Sports Academy will be there to support its members every step of their way in achieving their fitness goals. This academy is perfect for all levels of fitness, whether new or experienced, you can take advantage of these high-end sports facilities.


About Jubilee Ace Sports Academy

Jubilee Ace Sports Academy was founded in 2019 as a 24/7 premium one-stop sports & fitness club for expats. Jubilee Ace Sports Academy is an exclusive 24/7 sports & fitness club for expats. The team is currently setting up locations in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and New York. Get motivated, track your stamina, recover, and access your strength in this premium sports academy. Our fitness facilities will help you in a way better to achieve your dream. Whether you are new or experienced you can have our premium offers to enjoy your progress and always track your activity with us Jubilee Ace Bobby Low



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