Abul Hussain tells non-profit organisations to get digital

Abul Hussain International Digital Marketing Consultant, Abul Hussain is advising charities and other non-profit organisations to utilise digital and social media marketing to cover funding deficits caused by recent global events.

He has been working with international non-profits for the past five years and has helped them to raise millions of pounds and dollars through social media.

In his experience, he has found that many charities are not thinking beyond traditional methods of fundraising.

This means that often they are not tapping into any digital media to reach people who may be interested in supporting their cause.

Over two-thirds of the UK population are active on social media platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram.

However, many small organisations do not have a digital fundraising strategy to effectively engage with their target audiences online.

Consequently they are not taking advantage of free tools made available to them to raise much-needed income.

Abul points out that it is very simple to get started with Facebook Fundraising tools.

Any registered charity can sign up to access these tools with a verified Facebook page.

Once the page is set up, they can then use their other owned channels to direct supporters to their social media profiles.

A Facebook Fundraiser page can be set up in a matter of minutes and the person creating the page can easily invite all of their friends to donate to the fundraiser.

A charity can also add a Donate Button to their posts asking people to contribute towards a specific cause.

Similarly, Instagram has also rolled out fundraising features, such as a donate button.

More recently the Chinese video sharing platform TikTok, has started working with charities to develop their suite of fundraising tools.

Beyond social media, there are many other methods to raise money from supporters online.

Abul has run crowdfunding campaigns that have generated over $1 million in income by offering donors perks, such as limited edition t-shirts.

These campaigns were successful due to the support of high profile influencers who shared the campaign online.

Organisations can also participate in eBay and Amazon’s non-profit programmes, where buyers are able to nominate a charity to receive a small percentage of the purchase.

The best part about digital fundraising is that it does not need to cost a lot of money to get started.

By taking a test and learn approach the risk to the organisation becomes minimal.

The results and learnings from a test campaign can be strategically used to make a business case to your Board for further investment.

Organisations that do not have large budgets need not engage with expensive agencies to start raising funds online.

You can often work with reasonably priced independent consultants to develop an initial fundraising proposition to test.

Abul Hussain has even worked with many organisations on a pro bono basis.

He regularly holds Virtual Surgeries to bounce ideas with charity leaders on how they can develop a digital fundraising programme.

You can reach out to Abul Hussain through LinkedIn or his website if you would like to participate in a Virtual Surgery.

This post was published on December 20, 2020 7:48 am

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